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A way to keep cool

Posted on: March 10, 2009

Nobody can deny that summer is definitely here in Manila. With temperatures reaching up to 38 degrees celsius in the afternoons, people can get pretty cranky.  Some people, I’m guessing most are students enjoying their summer break from school, rush to the malls to take advantage of the air conditioning in order to keep cool.

For days when I can’t join the crowd at the mall and turning the air conditioning on at home is a definite no-no, I’m thankful our fridge is stocked with the handy Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea.

Wong Lo Kat 2

I’m sure you’ve seen this can in the grocery stores at one time or another, but just didn’t pay much attention to it.  A lot of people still reach out for the usual can of soda when they need something cold to drink.  When my Dad introduced this tea to us a couple of years back, I was hooked!  It’s very clean to the palate and when served cold, it’s reminiscent of the (black) grass jelly dessert you usually get served with in Chinese restaurants.  So yes, it’s sweet, not bitter.

Wong Lo Kat boasts of being good for your health, as it removes the “heat” in your body when you’re down with a fever or a sore throat (this works for me).  It’s an herbal tea introduced during the Qing Dynasty, and it still is very popular among Chinese families today.  I suggest you get yourself one and drink it this summer.  I guarantee you’ll feel refreshed afterwards! 🙂

***Wong Lo Kat can be bought in most supermarkets in and outside the Philippines.  It costs Php30 per can in The Landmark, and I know it’s cheaper in some other areas.


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