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Posted on: May 28, 2009

Hello girls and boys, I do apologize for not being able to update this blog for the past few weeks.  There were days wherein I was feeling under the weather and then there were days when I was just busy preparing for an out of town trip my friends and I had last week.

Anyway, enough with the mindless chatter.  I haven’t been able to cook and/or dine out at any amazing restaurants for the past few weeks so I’ll just show you some of the goodies an Aunt of ours brought us from Canada.  My Auntie Julie is my mom’s best friend since high school and she’s living in Canada for the past 23 years.  She does come home to Manila once in a while to visit and she’s always been the one to introduce us to delightful snacks that would eventually find their way to our own supermarkets’ inventories (a good example was a nougat product from Canada that was nonexistent in Manila until The Landmark started selling them in their grocery; I apologize for forgetting the name of the product).  This time around, Auntie Julie brought us the following items:

snack 1

Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread, Breton Whole Wheat Crackers, Milkfuls caramel candies with milky centers

snack 2

Planters salted Macadamia nuts and Dare’s Vinta crackers

We have yet to try each of these items and see which ones become our favorites, but I have to say that Pointyman and I are taken by those caramel candies simply because they come in the cutest packaging!

And of course, who can forget about the stuff for the girly girls in the family?


Victoria’s Secret Love Spell hydrating body lotion and La Senza’s Heart Song body butter

My Mom and I love the smell of these lotions and we’ve started wondering where we could score these in Manila.  I have to tell you that I’m already satisfied with using my handy Jergen’s Original Scent lotion for everyday, but sometimes I admit on going a little extra and these two products from Auntie Julie’s definitely fit the bill!  The only problem is once they’re both emptied, where will I be able to get them?  I don’t see the Love Spell when I take a look at Victoria’s Secret products and I haven’t seen the local La Senza shop sell anything else apart from lingerie and pajama sets.  But who knows? I might chance upon them one of these days!

Thank you very much, Auntie Julie! 🙂


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