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Posted on: August 10, 2009

After a month long hiatus from blogging, I’m finally back!  I do have a couple of things to share with you so just hang on.  July was a weird month for me; I was ill for roughly two weeks long and then I had to get myself back in tip top shape and adjust to a night schedule for work.  I’m finally a little more used to working nights again, but I still love my sleep and always enjoy an 8 to 10 hour sleep during the weekends.

Dad was also able to come home from China for a month long vacation and yes, we’re again able to dine out on Sunday evenings!  This makes me incredibly happy!  His first weekend back in Manila had us shopping in Megamall, and then having dinner at iRepublik, a Filipino restaurant serving modern Ilocano dishes.  It was our first time to eat there and we ended up ordering the following:

iRepublik_seafood sinigangSeafood Sinigang (Seafood in Tamarind Soup).  This was pretty good, although the seafood included weren’t a lot. I think I would’ve enjoyed this better if it was pork instead of seafood.

iRepublik_kare kare

Kare kare.  I have always jumped at the chance to eat this type of Filipino stew whenever we found one that didn’t include beef (I loved Beef Kare Kare when I was still allowed to eat it). Unfortunately, this dish was disappointingly bland and I didn’t enjoy it all that much, save for the bagnet (deep fried pork meat) on top.


Pinakbet. This is also another dish that lacked flavor, although I guess this would pass most people’s tastes.

iRepublik_chorizo paella

Chorizo Paella. I enjoyed eating the rice because it was sticky, but I didn’t eat any of the chorizo.  Dad didn’t like this dish, saying he preferred the paella served in Spanish restaurants and said that the chorizo didn’t taste good.

iRepublik_grilled squid

Grilled Squid.  This was a pretty common dish among Filipino restaurants, so I have to admit that this wasn’t very special.  I did enjoy munching on the seaweed, though (the green stuff on the right side of the picture).

iRepublik_bagnet platter

Bagnet Adobo Threesome. This is a dish consisting of bagnet, adobo rice and adobo flakes.  Personally, I think this was the best dish out of all the things we managed to order.  I really enjoyed the bagnet, even if I knew that it wasn’t the healthiest thing in the world.

If I find myself back at iRepublik, I’d probably end up only ordering the Bagnet Adobo Threesome.  Actually, I’d probably order bagnet in any restaurant that I see serving them!  I didn’t know that bagnet could be so addictive…. 🙂

*** iRepublik is located at the ground floor of CKB Centre, Scout Rallos St. cor. Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City.  It’s located on the lot where Heaven and Eggs previously stood.


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