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Zenses: Neo-Shanghai Cuisine

Posted on: September 27, 2009

(Hello everyone, just a quick post for everyone about the latest restaurant I’ve been to last week! )

Zenses is a restaurant in A.Venue mall in Makati, which is known for serving food with a twist.  The chef who owns the place is interested in cooking and in chemistry, therefore merging the two together when thinking of dishes to serve in his restaurant.  Zenses is said to be famous for serving Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream and Strawberry Ribs with Coriander, both of which I wasn’t able to try during my visit.  I’ll probably try them when I find myself back in Zenses.


When The Boyfriend and I were there that Sunday afternoon, we had the place all to ourselves.  I’m just not sure if Zenses gets packed during the evening, since they do have a small bar/lounge at the second floor.  We both decided to order a la carte, and not go with the lunch sets that they offer.  Please remember that the dishes were meant to be shared with your companions, as to avoid over ordering.

Zenses_bottomless iced tea

For drinks, The Boyfriend ordered Bottomless Iced Tea, which would cost you Php80.00.


The meal started with an order of Hakao, or shrimp dumplings (Php105.00).  There was nothing special about the hakao, except for their chili sauce which seems to have bits of meat mixed in as well.

Zenses_Salted Fish & Chicken Rice

Salted Fish & Chicken Fried Rice (Php265.00). It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find salted fish fried rice in Manila these days, so we jumped at the chance to order this when we saw it on the menu.  The serving was huge, and was probably good for 3-4 people.  It was pretty okay; it tasted more like Yang Chow Fried Rice with bits of chicken and salted fish.

Zenses_Dragon's Breath Chicken

Dragon’s Breath Chicken (Php315.00). Deep fried chicken chunks with peanuts tossed in some spicy sauce.  The nice lady who served us that afternoon told us that this was one of their best sellers.  I found the taste to be pretty standard, and it wasn’t as spicy as I expected it to be.

Zenses_Sweet & Sour PorkSweet & Sour Pork (Php275.00). This dish was pretty decent, with slices of carrots, onions and pineapple chunks mixed in with the pork.  The serving was also big and it was more than enough for the two of us.  After eating a couple of pieces, I started to get a little tired of the sweet taste and opted to eat the rice on its own.

The entire meal was definitely filling, but there was really nothing special about the dishes when it comes to taste.  The things we managed to order tasted pretty much like the usual Chinese food that you would get in Manila.  What made the entire experience fun was going through the menu and reading uniquely-named dishes like Bacon and Egg Nitro Ice Cream and Tempure Lychee Overloaded with Curried Crabmeat. I’ll make sure to try these interesting dishes when I have time to spare and dine in the Makati area.

***Zenses: Neo-Shanghai Cuisine is located at the ground level of A.Venue Mall Makati Ave. cor. Gen. Luna St., Makati, Metro Manila.


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Thank you for your honest review. If it’s Nothing special then I would just eat at Chowking.

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