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Thank you’s

Posted on: November 19, 2009

I’ve been busy with work these past few weeks, but I feel that spending a few minutes to say my Thank You’s to two people are more than enough reason to stay up a little later than the usual bedtime.  First, there’s Auntie Lily who brought home Desobry Belgian Chocolate Delights from her trip to Canada.   These are lovely little chocolate biscuits decorated with Belgian dark chocolate or white and milk chocolate. I prefer the dark chocolate ones, which came with coffee filling. YUM!


Another Thank You goes to my older brother, Mons, who finished the entire Starbucks Planner promo card in a few days in order to get me the 2010 Starbucks planner.  What will I do without you, Brother Dear? 🙂


Mons got me the ones with the espresso on the cover, which is exactly what I wanted.  Don’t worry, I have no plans of collecting all three editions of the 2010 planner.  This one’s enough for me (although I’d still help my friends complete their own promo cards!).


I have to say that I ADORE this lovely detail/bookmark of the Starbucks planner.  It was a lovely surprise, and I personally think I like it as much as I like the six (6) coupons that came with the planner! 🙂


2 Responses to "Thank you’s"

Hey! I want to tell you how much I like your blog;-) great reading. Are you from Manilla or working there?


Hi Alex!

Thank you very much. I’m always happy to hear from people like you! By the way, I live AND work in Manila. 🙂

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