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8 Spices Thai Restaurant

Posted on: November 23, 2009

After months of not being able to meet up with my high school friends, we finally had a chance to catch up over Sunday lunch and coffee.  We decided to meet up at Il Terrazzo along Tomas Morato in Quezon City at noon and had lunch at 8 Spices Thai Restaurant.  It was my first time there as I usually end up dining at Omakase whenever I’m at Il Terrazzo.
After the first few minutes of exchanging our excited Hello’s and How-Have-You-Been’s, we decided to place our orders with the waiting staff.  Here are the things we had that afternoon:

PhotobucketThai Iced Tea Special (Php75.00 per glass)

8 Spices_Thai Iced CoffeeThai Iced Coffee (Php75.00 per glass). This one tasted much like your ordinary instant coffee.  I wonder why.

8 Spices_Bagoong RiceBagoong Fried Rice (Php275.00 per platter)

8 Spices_Chicken with Cashew NutsChicken with Cashew Nuts (Php260.00)

8 Spices_Pork in Yellow CurryPork in Yellow Curry (Php350.00 for Large)

8 Spices_Pad Thai with EggPad Thai with Egg (Php240.00). This looked a lot like a huge omelette!

8 Spices_Yam Pla Poo8 Spices_Yam Pla Poo's Mango Salad

Yam Pla Poo (Crispy Fish with Mango Salad, Php385.00)

The food from 8 Spices tasted very ordinary for me and my friends.  It wasn’t bad, but none of the dishes really stood out.  Another thing we noticed was that the prices were pretty high for such small servings.  An example would be the pork curry which had a lot of sauce (maybe soup would be the right term), but had only a handful of meat and vegetables.  This is also true for the Chicken dish.

Despite not being completely satisfied with the meal itself, we still left the restaurant with full stomachs and fantastic moods.  Being with good friends and having great conversation really helped a lot! 🙂

***8 Spices Thai Restaurant is located at the 2nd floor of Il Terrazzo Building along Tomas Morato corner Sct. Madriñan QC.


2 Responses to "8 Spices Thai Restaurant"

mas gusto ko pa soms kaysa dyan… mas maganda lang shempre presentation ng 8spices 🙂

I’m not planning on going back to 8 Spices anytime soon when there’s Muang Thai and Soms 😀

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