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Hanobe/Kopi Roti

Posted on: March 7, 2010

Just got home from a dinner with the family.  Mons wasn’t able to join us since he had to work on a Sunday this week, so there were only four of us when we decided to try HanobeHanobe is a Chinese restaurant located along Maria Clara in Quezon City.  I’ve heard praises for this restaurant so we decided it’s time to give it a try!  We weren’t able to sample a lot of their entrees, though.

(Please bear with the pictures as I was only able to bring my Moto Rokr and no other fancy mobile cameras were available.)

HANOBE_jellyfishwith century eggSeaweed with Century Egg (Php240.00).

This was good because it was crunchy and slightly spicy.  It was better than what the other Chinese restaurants were serving.  Oh, and this is really ‘Jellyfish’, not ‘Seaweed’.  We have no idea why restaurants in Manila keep referring to it as the latter.

HANOBE_Black Tofu with 3 kinds of mushroomBlack Tofu with 3 kinds of Mushrooms (approximately Php240.00).

This one was an odd dish.  It tasted fine; a little on the sweet side but edible nonetheless.  Take note of this: the ingredients of the dish were thinly sliced pork, onions, tofu, vegetables and shiitake mushrooms.  So….where are the other 2 kinds of mushrooms?

HANOBE_steamed fish fillet with garlicSteamed Fish Fillet with Garlic.

This was so-so: The fish was already soggy and it was also lacking a bit in terms of flavor.

HANOBE_3 cups chickenThree Cups Chicken (Php260.00).

We were disappointed with Hanobe’s version of Three Cups Chicken.  It was too sweet, nothing like the distinct sweet-salty taste (with a hint of the Chinese wine) you get from traditional Three Cups chicken.  There was also one characteristic of this Chinese dish that wasn’t present in Hanobe’s version: the much sought-after aroma that lingers in the air when you first take off the pot’s lid.

HANOBE_plain riceAll of those were eaten along with Plain white rice (Php40.00 per bowl) and drowned with cups of hot tea (Sorry, no photo!).

Based on the things we were able to order, Hanobe appeared to be an average Chinese restaurant. It didn’t exactly live up to our expectations, but it wasn’t necessarily bad either.  There is a chance that we might find ourselves back there to try their other dishes.  If you wish to try eating there, it would be highly recommended for you to go there early as their service can be quite slow.

0 ~ 0 ~ 0

KOPI ROTI_signageAfter the so-so dinner at Hanobe, we went to Kopi Roti along Banawe Street in Quezon City for some coffee.  I always enjoy the ‘post-dinner coffee moments’ that happen once in a while.  For me, it’s a relaxing thing to do before heading back home from the family dinners, and bidding the weekend goodbye.

Anyway, Pointyman and I seriously enjoyed eating their Choco and Milk Toast (Php45.00) while sipping their Iced Kopi with Milk (around Php55.00 per mug).

KOPI ROTI_milk & choco toastYUMMY!!!! 🙂

Now, I have to tell you that I forgot to take photos of what everyone else was having because I was too engrossed with my toast… But! I do remember what they were eating and/or drinking.  Mom really enjoys eating Kopi Buns (Coffee Buns, Php40.00 per piece), so she was elated to have a serving of it with her Kopi.  Dad initially ordered a mug of Iced Barley, but drank a mug of Hot Kopi (without the milk) instead when he noticed that the barley drink contained sugar/syrup.  With Dad being a diabetic, we all have to be extra careful with little things like those.

KOPI ROTI_iced kopi with milkOur Iced Kopi with Milk mugs already half empty before I remembered to snap a photo!

We really enjoyed our short stay at Kopi Roti.  The mood was very light, and we had quite a number of laughs!  It was definitely a good way to end the evening meal. 🙂

***Kopi Roti has a number of branches in the Metro aside from the one along Banawe.  Here are some of them, to name a few: Tomas Morato, Katipunan Avenue, SM Mall of Asia, Malate and Ayala Avenue in Makati City.


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