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Posted on: July 11, 2010

Just finished another 5km run this morning; this time it was held at the University of the Philippines area. I finished a measly two minutes earlier than my record from the Bottle School Run last month, but I guess that’s still better than expected. The route for the Nutribar Hip 2b Fit run was a little more difficult compared to the Bottle School Run, mostly because there were a lot of uphill areas and the roads were a lot less paved.  The good thing about it, though, was there were sufficient drinking stations (both water and from Pocari Sweat) and there were a lot of trees providing enough shade from the direct sunlight.

Nutribar Hip 2b fit bib

There were again 3 categories (3km, 5km and 10km), and we were also joined by the U.P. Mountaineers. The run was for the benefit of the U.P. Padyak Project, which promotes the usage of bikes over cars and health and fitness in the campus.

0 ~ 0 ~ 0

On a totally different note, I was also finally able to visit the much talked-about Forever 21 in SM Megamall.  It was overwhelming in terms of size and amount of merchandise available!  I was grinning from ear to ear when I was there, if only because within my first 5 minutes inside the store, I was able to spot this lovely pair of boots:

Forever 21 boots

It wasn’t very expensive at all (approximately Php1,700) so I was more than willing to treat myself to something after just recovering from a fever and a really bad cold (hahaha excuses!). This was actually “partially” bought by The Boyfriend in exchange for the buffet lunch which I treated him to.  The queue for the fitting room was really long so I didn’t bother to try on some dresses and shirts which caught my fancy, so we just decided to spend 20 minutes waiting in line at the cashier.  You wouldn’t believe how many people were actually buying stuff!  I’m guessing Forever 21 did feel very welcomed by the shoppers of Manila. 🙂


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