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The Sango experience *This branch is now closed*

Posted on: August 2, 2010

The high school friends and I were supposed to go to Conway’s at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel last Saturday evening after watching Inception, but since there were only 3 of us (from the original 6) who were able to meet up, The Boyfriend decided we have dinner at Sango: The Burger Master instead.  We headed to the branch at Rockwell and ordered through the express kiosk just because we felt like it.  It looks like an ATM where you select your food via the touch screen, you insert your bills into a slot and you get your printed receipt.  Your change gets brought to you by one of the servers along with your drinks.


I ordered Coke Light with my burger just because I was aiming at getting myself an iced green tea soy latte from Starbucks after the meal, but my brother said I should have gone for the Calpis Soda instead.  It’s supposed to taste like Yakult but with fizz.  I guess I’ll give it a shot next time.

SANGO_Fish Burger

This was the Fish Burger, my choice for the night.  It was really a toss up between the chicken version or this one, but in the end the fish won.  It was pretty small and the first thing that crossed my mind was that it wasn’t going to do much for my appetite.  However, I was happy to be wrong because it successfully made me full and satisfied.

SANGO_katsudonThe Boyfriend went with Sango’s Katsudon, which set him back by Php200+.  Again, looks can be deceiving as the bowl was small, but it was packed tight.  The Boyfriend was already full after consuming half of its contents (and that’s honestly very surprising considering his appetite).  Taste-wise, there wasn’t anything special but I enjoyed eating most of the scrambled egg that was on top of that rice meal.

SANGO_Chicken Curry BurgerThis one was ordered by Den.  It was the Chicken Curry Burger, which had a lot of cabbage as you can clearly see. Den loves curry so it wasn’t surprising to have her order this.  She said that it tasted pretty good but she had trouble eating it because there were a lot of sauces dripping all over the place.

SANGO_master friesThe three of us shared a serving of the Master Fries, which was fries topped with something like chili con carne (without the heat) and cheese and served with ketchup and onions on the side.  This stuff was pretty good but it was expensive for such a small serving.  If my memory serves me right, this cost us around Php130-150.  Maybe I should just make my own version at home. haha!

Overall, it was a pleasant meal for the three of us.  I happened to enjoy the J-Pop playing in the background during the entire time (I’m such a big Utada Hikaru fan), although I wasn’t able to check the Japanese fashion magazines from the rack since a huge group of high school kids were hogging them the entire time.  There were origami scattered all over the place and I found them pleasant to look at. The food was just enough to make us feel full without feeling sick, and I might go back to try the others non-beef things on the menu (believe me, there aren’t a lot so this is going to be pretty quick for me!).  Maybe the other girls and boys will be able to join us next time. 🙂


**Sango: The Burger Master has branches at Rockwell, The Ledge at Shangri-La, Creekside Mall in Makati and at the Filinvest Corporate City in Alabang.


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