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Puerto Princesa Part 3: Underground River, Mangroves, Kalui

Posted on: September 6, 2010

Day 2 at Puerto Princesa found us up for an early start since we were off to visit the famed Underground River, a declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It was roughly a two-hour drive to get to the area where you have to transfer to a speedboat and then onto another boat, which would take you to the actual site.  Good thing that our tourist guide for that day was the really nice Kuya Ed, who shared a lot of stories and useful tidbits to keep us entertained. We also stopped by one of the places the locals referred to as view decks to check the landscape and some souvenir items. Here’s a photo of the landscape:

From the view deck

After a few more kilometers from the view deck, we reached the registration area for the speedboats and we bid a temporary goodbye to Kuya Ed, who did not join us for that part of the tour, because the boats could only handle six people at a given time.  We arranged to meet up at a restaurant near the registration area come lunchtime. The group then spent a couple of minutes on the boat to the Underground River Park, where we were able to enjoy the scenery amidst the roaring of the boat’s engine:

To the Underground RiverUnderground River

The Underground River tour was fun mainly because of the person who led our group into the subterranean river; he was witty and entertaining in the same way that the other tour guide was.  He also said that he’s been at that profession for quite some time and has been part of the documentary about the Underground River when it was shown on television.

The trip itself took just under an hour.  There were loads of fruit bats inside and some balinsasayaw too. The rock formations were, of course, a sight to behold.  Apologies as I don’t have photos to share since there weren’t a lot of decent ones taken during this part of our trip. 😦  Back at the park, we saw monkeys and monitor lizards, a.k.a. bayawak, and took some photos.  Here’s one which was sunbathing and didn’t give a damn at all while the cameras clicked away:

bayawakI ♥ this fella!

After meeting back with Kuya Ed and having a hefty lunch of assorted Filipino goodies, we proceeded to the Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour which was just a few minutes away from the place where we dined.  The guides told us about the mangroves and what the advantages of having them all over the area of Palawan were in terms of the ecosystem.  We also managed to see a couple of small snakes up in the trees.  Some of us were looking forward to trying the tamilok, which are mollusks that resemble worms, since they’re supposed to be delicacies in Palawan, but unfortunately for us, they weren’t available at the site during our visit.  The Paddle Boat Tour also took us less than an hour, but being under the sun for that long without any shade took its toll on us, as some of us felt our skin being “fried” and The Best Friend was already getting dizzy at some point.  There were supposed to be umbrellas handed out before the tour starts, as we later found out, but since other tour groups beat us to the area minutes before our arrival, there were no longer any umbrellas available for our use.

lunch @ PalawanBUFFET LUNCH!!!! 🙂

Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour

By mid-afternoon, we were inside the van and headed back to the Casa for some rest.  No matter how enjoyable it was being exposed to nature at that time, we were admittedly excited at the thought of escaping the heat and for some, getting a quick nap.  We were all looking forward to dining at Kalui that evening, since we made reservations at 8pm.  Kalui was another one of those places which were highly recommended by friends and the locals alike, and it was also said that a reservation must be done ahead of time because it’s difficult to get a seat without one.

Kalui was a beautiful restaurant: very homey and filled with paintings and other eye candies.  Upon entering the main restaurant, you’d have to leave your footwear by the “lobby” since you’d have to go inside the place barefoot.  Some of the seating areas are on the floor, with a pillow acting as a cushion.  Some had your regular tables and chairs.  Our area was near the entrance, with an assortment of pillows and a low table.  Here are some shots of the things we saw and had that evening:

KaluiKalui collage

seating place @ KaluiOur seating area at Kalui

prawns in butter garlic sauce

Prawns in Butter Garlic Sauce

seafood sisig

Seafood Sisig

Kalui Veggie PlatterKalui Vegetable Platter, an assortment of vegetables including mashed sweet potatoes and deep fried eggplant

Mangoes with Shrimp Paste

Green mangoes with shrimp paste

Stingray in Coconut Cream

Stingray in Coconut Cream: One of the highlights of the evening.  It was our first time to try this and it was yummy.  The texture reminds of you of crab meat.

Mixed Fruits desserts

Mixed Fruits for dessert; I believe this was complimentary as we did not order this at the start of the meal

All the food were enjoyed with garlic rice, complimentary soup, and glasses of fresh fruit shakes (not in any of the photos).  I can say that we enjoyed the dinner at Kalui and we were all more than glad to have been able to try it out.  It was definitely a great way to cap off the evening! 🙂


4 Responses to "Puerto Princesa Part 3: Underground River, Mangroves, Kalui"

hi! i would like to know if you have photos of casa fuerte esp the rooms. we are planning to go to palawan on 2nd week of july. we haven’t decided yet if we’ll stay at casa fuerte.

except for your tiki resto bar experience, how would you rate casa fuerte in terms of hotel and room accommodations and arranging the tours?

thanks and God bless!

Hi Jone!

Thanks for dropping by. I managed to dig up a few photos that I can share with you. Let me know if it’s okay that I send them to your email address. 🙂

I wasn’t the one who arranged for our stay at Casa Fuerte; however after asking my friend who was responsible for that, she mentioned that she didn’t encounter any problems during the actual reservation process. She was assisted well and her questions were answered promptly.

Unfortunately, there were a couple of instances when the staff forgot to inform us that our tour schedule was altered so we did encounter some problems (ex: rushing to get ready OR killing time because the schedules got mixed up) while we were there. I am hoping that it was an honest mistake and that it was just a one-time thing re: their service. 🙂

Wherever you decide to stay during your trip, I hope you have loads of fun! Maybe you can share your experiences with us too. 🙂

thanks for your reply. i would appreciate if you can send me the photos thru jone.sensei@yahoo.com.

God bless! c”,)

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