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Posted on: October 18, 2010

The Boyfriend and I went out for dinner last night to celebrate our anniversary.  We didn’t really have anything planned and ended up going to Eastwood Mall in Libis, Quezon City.  After an hour or so spent window shopping and buying goodies from a food bazaar, we already felt hungry and decided to look for a good place to eat.  We admittedly had a hard time deciding where to dine, especially since Ramen Bowl already had a wait-to-be-seated list as early 6:30pm, and that was the place which we were initially hoping to try out because of the good reviews we’ve heard.  After almost half an hour of debating whether we should brave the strong rain and drive to another location or just stay put in Eastwood, we decided  on the latter and gave MoMo! Cafe a shot instead.

MoMo! Cafe, from what I have heard, has ties with Chelsea (another upscale dining establishment that we have yet to try) and so it was a little on the pricey end of the spectrum.  Food servings were pretty big and meant for sharing, though.  Here are the things we had that evening:

MoMo! Cafe_complimentary garlic bread

Complimentary garlic bread with Kesong Puti with Jalapeño spread. 

When our server brought this to our table, I was surprised in a good way.  Since it was our first time to try MoMo!, I wasn’t aware that they were serving bread for starters.  It was yummy and I ate quite a lot compared to The Boyfriend, thus having it pose as a slight problem since we ordered a starter dish too.


 A bowl of Herb Pumpkin Cream and Bacon Bits soup for The Boyfriend. I asked to have a taste of this while he was enjoying it, and it was pretty okay, although I found it to be a little too sweet for my liking.

MoMo! Cafe_Melted Crab and Spinach Blue Cheese Dip

Melted Crab and Spinach Blue Cheese Dip. This was the other starter dish that I mentioned earlier in this post.  We both enjoyed this but I ended up eating all the vegetable sticks, while he had a grand time with the nachos!

MoMo! Cafe_BBQ Riblets

For our main entree, The Boyfriend chose Sweet and Smoky “Hickory BBQ” Riblets. This dish was HUGE! It was a good thing we decided not to order anything else because we already had a tough time finishing this dish off.  MoMo! Cafe was not joking when they said that their food is great for sharing.

 MoMo! Cafe_blueberry iced tea
MoMo! Cafe_guava iced tea

 We both had Momo’s Own Frozen Iced Tea for drinks, except in different flavors.  Mine was blueberry and The Boyfriend had guava.

Needless to say, we were both stuffed after that meal and decided to forgo ordering dessert.  It was funny, though, because we were given ChocNut bars when we asked for the bill, so I guess we still had dessert in one way or another. 🙂

Overall the meal in itself was great and I had a fun time!  The only thing that somewhat tainted the entire experience was that there was something a little disturbing about the service. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but maybe it’s because one of the female servers had a bit of an attitude and that none of them said thank you even once during the night.  It was a good thing that The Boyfriend and I were engaged in such a great conversation during the entire meal that it was easy for me to shrug that observation off. 

We might drop by MoMo’s again in the future and bring some friends and/or family members to help us finish the food…hopefully the level of service has improved by then. 🙂


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