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Double flap bag

Posted on: December 14, 2010

I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time now and yeah, I know it’s late and it’s my fault because I’ve been lazy. 😛 I was supposed to write this first before using the bag for my birthday dinner celebration but ended up debuting it first before writing about it. But like what they say: “It’s better late than never” so here goes!

The Boyfriend and I went to the Seoularis Bazaar held at the SMX Convention Center last December 4 and 5.  Our main purpose was to look for gifts and while I successfully spotted some finds for a couple of friends, I also managed to score this bag for myself from one of the stalls:

double flap bag in black/grey

It’s a double flap bag in black and gray which I went psycho over. I almost missed seeing it from the racks, but when I stopped to look at the trousers for sale, I saw it and just knew it was something I wanted. The colors were really nice and the straps are divine!  This was purchased from theposhwardrobe which is owned by Jen Rieta.  She has a multiply site where you could take a look at some of her other items. She’s got some really nice stuff on sale. Check it out for yourself! 🙂


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