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Orchard Road

Posted on: December 28, 2010

The Boyfriend and I went to Megamall last Sunday because we just wanted to hang out and there was really no other place to go to.  We arrived a little later than usual so we got stuck in the parking lot waiting for an empty slot. It was surprising since we didn’t expect that a lot of people would head to the malls during the long holiday weekend, especially since a lot of people did go home to the provinces/traveled abroad, but I guess times have changed and more and more people have already turned into mall rats.

We managed to score a parking space at around a little past 12  in the afternoon and we decided to have lunch as soon as we got inside the mall. After tossing a couple of suggestions between ourselves, we decided to try Orchard Road since it’s been around for quite some time and we never really had the chance to try it out. We went through the menu and ordered at the counter like you do in a fast food chain.  Our drinks arrived after a few minutes:  The Boyfriend was thrilled with his Iced Peach Lemon Tea and I found my Cold Barley Drink highly refreshing.

PhotobucketIced Peach Lemon Tea, Php55.00 per glass

PhotobucketCold Barley Drink, Php45.00

We were engrossed in our conversation about travel and food that we didn’t mind waiting for the dishes to arrive. After almost 30 minutes of waiting, The Boyfriend’s food and one other dish we ordered for sharing was finally served:

PhotobucketKung Pao Chicken, Php155.00

PhotobucketOyster Omelette, Php155.00

I encouraged The Boyfriend to start eating since his food might get cold, but he insisted on waiting until my dish arrived. We started picking on the oyster omelette while we were waiting. It was very flavorful (a.k.a. salty) and extremely oily.  There weren’t a lot of oysters either and presentation was a flop. I missed eating the real o-a-chian. After half of my barley drink was gone and noticing that other groups who came in later than us already had their food served, The Boyfriend’s patience was wearing thin. He decided to ask one of the servers when my Hainanese Chicken Rice will be served. Another couple of minutes later, one of the servers arrived with my meal. Sadly, he was not too careful and almost spilled the soup all over the table.

PhotobucketHainanese Chicken Rice, Php165.00


The Hainanese Chicken was okay. It wasn’t as good as I expected it to be but it was tender and there were no bones, so it wasn’t all that bad. The rice didn’t have the flavor I was expecting from the ones that accompany other Hainanese Chicken dishes and was, instead, just plain white rice so this was a disappointment for me.

Overall, the experience in terms of food was okay, but definitely not spectacular. The Boyfriend ended up paying a total of Php575.00 (including taxes) and he said it wasn’t worth the money. I have a feeling we won’t be eating at this place very often. :p


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