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Sakae Sushi

Posted on: December 31, 2010

The Boyfriend and I had the chance to try Sakae Sushi in the Mall of Asia last Sunday when we were waiting for his parents to finish one of the parties which they had to attend.  The Boyfriend has been wanting to try that restaurant because he was curious of the plates going around via the conveyor belt. You can just grab the type of sushi/maki you wanted off the conveyor belt and then pay according to the color of the plate where the food was placed or just avail of their sushi buffet.  Apart from this, you can also choose from their array of bento boxes or donburis.

Sakae Sushi plate prices

Sakae Sushi buffet

The both of us wanted to be able to try most, if not all, of the dishes which were going around so we decided to avail of the buffet. Aside from the unlimited maki/sushi,the sushi buffet also includes a bowl of miso soup and your choice of hot or iced green tea. (Note: the hot/iced green tea was something that I really enjoyed!)  Take a look at the things that we were able to sample: Sakae Sushi 1

Sakae Sushi 2

A little more than 30 minutes after, here’s what we ended up with:

empty plates

Believe it or not, we still didn’t manage to try everything on the conveyor belt! Probably because we didn’t find everything interesting and some of them just didn’t look appetizing anymore after many times around that conveyor belt. Needless to say, the both of us were very full afterward and we knew that we already managed to get our Php399 per person’s worth of food. The Boyfriend said that we may return to Sakae Sushi in the future, but might try their a la carte items instead of the sushi buffet. 🙂


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I’ve always wanted to try this just for the novelty of it 😀

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