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Shinjuku Ramen House

Posted on: January 4, 2011

The Boyfriend and I ushered in the first weekend of the year dining at another restaurant which we haven’t tried before. He’s been thinking of trying this place for the longest time and, boy, was he glad when we finally gave it a shot. We’re both avid fans of Japanese cuisine and both are not queasy with eating raw food, so Shinjuku Ramen House catered well to our sense of taste.  Here’s a rundown of what we had:

Shinjuku Ramen House_salmon sashimiSalmon Sashimi: something we enjoyed a lot that we ended up getting two orders! It was really yummy because the salmon was fresh and thickly sliced. I think I ate more slices than he did because he was too busy with his dish to quarrel with me. 😛

Shinjuku Ramen House_ebi tempuraEbi Tempura (4pcs): This is another one of our favorites, and really more of an indulgence, since we all know how expensive ebi tempura is here in Manila. The Boyfriend loved this a lot since there weren’t a lot of batter surrounding the shrimp, compared to how other restaurants prepare it.

Shinjuku Ramen House_Chicken RamenNormally I order Katsudon whenever it’s my first time to try a Japanese restaurant, but this time I decided I didn’t want to eat rice.  I went with a bowl of Chicken Ramen, which was served hot and with the wonderful smell of sesame oil! I really liked the boneless chicken tenders and the actual noodles. It was initially a toss up between ordering Pirikara Pork Ramen or Chicken Ramen, since I don’t think I’ve ever tasted the former before; however they were out of Pirikara Pork and I ended up ordering the chicken version.  I’m not complaining though since it was delish!

PhotobucketThis is what The Boyfriend ordered for himself: a humongous, piping hot <steel> bowl of Sukiyaki. I honestly have no idea why he’s so amused with this dish, but he’s been eating this whenever we eat Japanese food and if it’s available in the menu. I always end up teasing him that he’s going through a “Sukiyaki Phase” and that I can’t wait for him to get sick of it so that he’d order something else when we eat out. 😛 By the way, this was the one that was keeping him busy while I devoured ate the sashimi. I believe he was having a hard time finishing the entire thing since it was a pretty big serving; it might even be good for two or something. 🙂

Overall the entire experience was nice. I thought that the place was strangely comforting, and they had a shelf of manga in one corner so it was a big plus for The Boyfriend. Prices were a little on the expensive side, though; most of the things we ordered cost approximately Php350.00. What’s the probability of us returning to Shinjuku Ramen House? Pretty high, considering I’m still curious about the Pirikara Pork Ramen and their gyoza, which they claim to be one of their best-sellers. 🙂

**Shinjuku Ramen House has branches at Makati Avenue and Pasong Tamo. I believe they’re open from 10am until 1am the next morning.


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That salmon looks veeery tasty….

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