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The New Hong Kong Cafe *This restaurant is now closed*

Posted on: January 30, 2011

The family and I went out to have dinner and decided to give one of the new restaurants along Banawe Street in Quezon City a try. We’ve already passed by The New Hong Kong Cafe several times before and thought that tonight was the right time to give it shot.

The New Hong Kong Cafe

And how I wish we didn’t make that serious mistake.

Everything that we ordered was an epic fail and service wasn’t top notch either. Take a look at the dishes that we ordered this evening:

The New Hong Kong Cafe_Sate Beef Noodle SoupSate Beef Noodle Soup. Pointyman ordered this and said that it tasted like your usual beef noodle soup and that there was no trace of sate at all.

The New Hong Kong Cafe_gyozaGyoza. We first ordered fried shrimp balls but was informed that it was out of stock. As for their pork dumplings, it cannot be fried, only steamed. Mons decided to order gyoza instead. I found this to be nothing like the real thing. Dad and Pointyman thought that it tasted a little odd as well, leaving your mouth with a strange aftertaste.

The New Hong Kong Cafe_Portuguese Chicken RicePortuguese Chicken with Cream Sauce over rice. Dad and The Boyfriend ordered the same thing and both didn’t enjoy their meals. There was no flavorful aroma and it looked really bland. I didn’t even bother to give it a try since the look on their faces already told me what the real score was.

The New Hong Kong Cafe_Seafood with Cream Sauce over SpaghettiSeafood in Cream Sauce over spaghetti. Mons ordered this and I didn’t receive any negative feedback, although he did not seem to be happy about it either. If he enjoyed it, I’m sure he would have told us about it.

I’m not sure if you noticed that I didn’t have a photo of what I ordered. It’s because I ordered Breaded Chicken with Cream Sauce over spaghetti and it never came to the table since I decided to cancel. Everyone’s food was already on the table when we heard the serving staff arguing with those from their kitchen about the dish being confused with something else that was already served. The place was very small and these people were right behind me, so I could clearly hear the argument and it really ticked me off. After listening to them go on and on, I called on one of the servers and told her to cancel my order. She was thankfully polite enough when she informed me that there was another dish which was available and asked if I wanted to have that instead. I was no longer in the mood so I declined. The bill was settled next and I was delighted when we finally left the restaurant.

When we arrived home, I decided to have potato chips, fresh cherries, and chocolate truffles as my meal. I definitely felt better after that.

My opinion is that The New Hong Kong Cafe is a sad attempt at mimicking the famous Cafe de Coral from Hong Kong. Our total bill was at approximately Php670, and none of the dishes was even worth the money. It’s really disappointing and I wouldn’t be surprised if they close shop in the next few months (unless whoever owns the place manages to improve everything about it).


2 Responses to "The New Hong Kong Cafe *This restaurant is now closed*"

we made e same mistake.. too bad we werent able to read your blog before trying the place

uhmmm….. kami rin we tried it once kasi parang maganda sa labas…. ang food— parang from the freezer na iniinit lang lahat…. walang lasa whatsoever…. the way they do food….. i’m guessing sarado na ito ngayon….

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