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Posted on: February 9, 2011

In order to escape from reality a bit and also to keep my interests alive, I’ve resorted to reading through some magazines and books that I have here at home.

readsThe things I read seem to be a mixture of so many things. Normally, I read only one book/magazine at a time (mainly to avoid confusing one thing from another), but there are occasions when I end up  reading a certain book one day and then switch to another one on the next. This week is an example of one of those “occasions”.

reads 1

You can’t see the Time Magazine subscription in this picture clearly but they’re there alright: sandwiched between my Chinese home decorating magazine and my favorite cookbook from The Pioneer Woman herself. 🙂

Writing this entry makes me miss my books more. I should really find more time to read; I still have a stash of reading materials collecting dust in my room anyway.


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