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UPDATED: 6th Fil-Chi Bakery Fair

Posted on: February 21, 2011

My family and I received complimentary tickets to the 6th Filipino-Chinese Bakery Fair 2011 from one of Dad and Mom’s friends a couple of days ago. We managed to drop by early on the final day of the fair and I was thrilled to be able to attend, even if we only managed to stay for an hour or two. There was a cake display exhibition, the Philippine Bakers Cup 2011 (which we missed), seminars and product demos, and stalls where you can eat and/or buy goodies for you to take home. Mom was in such a good mood the entire time because she was surrounded by one of her favorite things in the world (hint: bread 🙂 ) so you can just imagine the amount of stuff we managed to bring home with us in the short span of time that we were there. I think that if only we were not in a rush that morning, we could have stayed longer and I could have scored some new kitchen gadgetry for myself. 😛 Oh well…there’s always next time!

6th Fil-Chi Bakery Fair 2011 invite

Upon entering the actual area where the booths are, you’ll be greeted with this humongous structure surrounded by smaller cakes of the Chinese astrological signs. I didn’t get to snap a great photo of each because there were a number of people who were having their pictures taken with the entire thing. There were also live bunnies hopping around at the base of the display.


While we were walking around, I was amused by all the big-ass cooking equipment available to you, if you were in the food industry. All those chillers, mixers, ovens, refrigerated display cases, etc. were so amusing to look at. There is so much you can do with these things! 🙂


display case

Right smack in the center of the area was a live demo of some Vietnamese pastry chefs decorating cakes. They were just working quietly while a huge crowd was gathered around them to watch them in awe. You’d have to have extremely steady hands to be able to make some intricate detailing like that! It was really cool because they were doing all this while under spotlights and professional video cameras. I’m also glad that I’m taller than most of the people there that’s why I managed to get pretty decent shots even if I wasn’t very near the tables. 🙂

baker 1

baker 2

A few steps away from that area was the stage where a Taiwanese chef was teaching the guests how to prepare different Taiwanese dishes. We stopped to watch for a few minutes and also managed to get a copy of the recipes lined up for that day. (I couldn’t get very near the stage since I didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself. :P)

Taiwanese cooking demo

At the end of one of the hallways was a display of breads baked during the competition. I really found this display very pretty; definitely a favorite of mine:


But one of the other areas I enjoyed the most was the cake display. A long table was placed near the entrance and all the cakes submitted by different bakeshops/groups were there. It took me quite some time to get all of their photos because there were really quite a lot and I had to make room for other people who wanted to take pictures too. My brother, Pointyman, assisted me during the shoot and the both of us were glad that we were early enough to avoid the really big crowd (big crowd = less high quality photos). Anyhoo, here are a few of my top picks:

cake 1

cake 2

cake 3

cake 3 detailA close up of this cake’s details. Absolutely gorgeous! ♥

cake 4This was one of Pointyman’s favorites too. ♥

cake 5One of the smaller cakes but definitely one of the best in detailing! 🙂

cake 5 detailsHere’s a closer view of the dragon and phoenix. I’m really sad I don’t remember the group who made this cake. 😦 (If any of you out there know who it was, please let me know so that I can give them the recognition they deserve here in my blog. UPDATE: This was made by ABC Bakery from Vietnam; thanks to Marian for letting me know! 🙂 )

cake 6

cupcake tower

After my photo session at the cake display area, my brother and I looked for my parents who were taking their time scanning the goodies that were being sold. We bought a couple of items and after a few more minutes of looking around, it was time for us to leave the venue. I’m a little sad I didn’t get to buy the ceramic mandoline and knives, but I’m determined to get them soon. 😛 There were a lot of booths/stalls which I wasn’t able to take photos of; some of them were the United States Potato Board, California Raisins, Bensdorp Cocoa Powder, San Miguel Mills, Bakels, etc. 🙂 Each of them was interesting in their own right. 🙂


Some of the goodies Mom brought home with us.

I had so much fun at the event that I’m actually looking forward to next year’s fair! 🙂 I believe there’s another food fair coming in the next couple of months, and I’m going to make sure I’ll be there to document them too. ♥


5 Responses to "UPDATED: 6th Fil-Chi Bakery Fair"

they are from ABC Bakery Vietnam…

thank you for answering my question, marian! 🙂

Watch out for the upcoming Bakery Fair 2013!


Thank you for letting us know about this event! 🙂 I’ll help spread the word.

~ moxy

[…] Hong Kong trip to inform you about the upcoming Bakery Fair 2013. Remember my blog post about the 6th Fil-Chi Bakery Fair? This is their next event! I bet there will be a lot of really good stuff available for […]

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