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Posted on: March 7, 2011

I spent the entire day going around SM Megamall yesterday. I was so thrilled when we ended up having lunch at JiPan, which is one of my favorite stops for Japanese cuisine, especially for okonomiyaki!  I think it was my brother who introduced me to that restaurant years ago and although we don’t get to dine there often, we’ve always had high respect for that place and haven’t eaten anything that has disappointed us yet.

The Boyfriend and I didn’t order a lot yesterday, but still managed to end up extremely full after the meal.  We had to walk around the mall several times in order for us to rid ourselves of the “bloated” sensation. 😛 Anyway, here are the things which we had:


Okonomiyaki: good for sharing between two to three individuals, depending on what else you decided to get. It’s possible to eat it all by yourself (I’ve tried it before hehe) but be warned! You’ll end up extremely stuffed! Their okonomiyaki has shredded veggies, squid and pork. Yum! 🙂

futomakiThe Boyfriend and I ordered a serving of futomaki to share. More good stuff! 🙂

melon sodaThe Boyfriend ordered a glass of melon soda, which really looked odd because of its vibrant green color but was surprisingly good. It tastes a little like medicine for the first few seconds but that weird taste disappears and turns into something that reminds you of candies from your childhood. It’s very peculiar but worth trying out. 🙂

katsudonThe Boyfriend had katsudon!

***JiPan is located at the Upper Ground Level of SM Megamall Building A. They also have branches at Pilar Street in Mandaluyong and at the 2nd floor of Glorietta 4 in Makati.



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