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Feng Wei Wee: Fight!

Posted on: May 27, 2011

Before I start telling you about the stuff we’ve eaten at Feng Wei Wee, let me just fill you in on what’s with the blog post title. If you’re familiar with fight games like Tekken, you’re probably used to having the announcer say the names of the fighters before each fight begins. For example, “Yoshimitsu.Paul Phoenix. Fight!” (You can listen to sound bytes of it on YouTube). My brothers made a joke out of this and has always referred to Feng Wei Wee using the same tone since it’s a name well-suited for a fight game character. It stuck and it’s almost impossible for us not to think of these games whenever we talk about Feng Wei Wee.

Anyway, we regularly pass by the Feng Wei Wee branch along Banawe in Quezon City but didn’t decide to give it a try until last week. Since Pointyman and I don’t really have time to cook dinner after work, it’s been part of our practice to eat out before heading home.  Both being adventurous about going to unvisited places, we headed to Feng Wei Wee and were more than satisfied with their food. We enjoyed it so much that we went back again last night and plan to do so again with Mons in tow. 🙂

FENG WEI WEE_canned drinksWinter melon tea and Apple Black Tea in cans. It was the first time for us to try these canned drinks and I found the winter melon one to be better than the apple black tea. Kind of reminded me of something which we used to drink when we were kids. If you’re not too keen about ordering canned drinks, you may request for service tea instead.

FENG WEI WEE_kiam pengKiam Peng (or salty glutinous rice, as Feng Wei Wee calls them on their menu). This is said to be one of the highlights of eating at Feng Wei Wee. It was pretty good, although I found it a little too sticky for my taste. A bowl costs Php50.00.

FENG WEI WEE_steamed chicken and sausage

Steamed Chicken and
This was one of the few things which we tried during our first visit to Feng Wei Wee and I found this to be very flavorful. I wouldn’t mind eating this with plenty of plain white rice!

FENG WEI WEE_smoked duckSmoked Duck. I really enjoyed this one since it’s not everyday when we can have smoked duck even if Dad is at home. I think this was also pretty generous at Php130.00/serving since it was the entire duck breast.

FENG WEI WEE_sichuan caiSichuan Cai. We had this during our second visit to the restaurant since I was looking for healthier food options after several days of eating meat.  It was crunchy and was good to eat on its own. I believe this is the same vegetable that they use to mix with one of their noodle soup bowls.

FENG WEI WEE_adobo eggAdobo Egg. I think my brother ordered this because he missed having this at home. It was okay, nothing spectacular but it was cheaper compared to other Chinese places which we’ve tried before. This cost Php15.00 per egg.

FENG WEI WEE_pig's earsPig’s Ears. This was the dish that my brother was craving for for the past few days which he was finally able to enjoy last night. Thanks to our Dad, we have learned to eat this dish (and other dishes worthy of Bizarre Foods) since we were little. This was really good and is probably one of the fastest selling items in Feng Wei Wee since by the time we finished eating (which wasn’t very long, trust me), there was only one serving left at the display counter.

FENG WEI WEE_8 beans wonder ice

Assorted 8 Beans Wonder Ice. We ordered this so that we could have something sweet to wrap things up. This was a pretty small serving compared to other restaurants, but for around Php50-55/bowl, this was already okay. The wow factor for this dessert was that the shaved ice wasn’t just made of regular ice (water), it was shaved “milk” ice. Delicious! 🙂

**Feng Wei Wee has branches at Banawe Street, Quezon City and at Wilson in San Juan.


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