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Muang Thai

Posted on: May 28, 2011

My eldest brother, Mons, and I headed to Muang Thai along Banawe Street for lunch after we were done with our weekly grocery shopping trip. He was craving for catfish salad and Muang Thai is definitely the place to satisfy his cravings. I love this place so much that I’m also wondering why I haven’t blogged about this before…. :p

We’ve been dining in Muang Thai for several years now and it’s a place which I highly recommend for budget-friendly and delicious Thai cuisine. It’s always a surprise to me whenever I tell other people about Muang Thai and they tell me that they don’t know the place! If you’re in the Quezon City area and looking for good Thai food, please do yourself a favor and drop by Muang Thai. They have two branches: along Banawe and along Malakas Street in Diliman. 🙂


MUANG THAI_catfish saladCatfish Salad. One of the best things on the menu, specifically when it comes out piping hot from the kitchen (just like how it was served today). It smells really good and it has just the right crunch to it too! I think it’s a nice dish to wipe your palate clean after eating other entrees which are served with heavy sauces.

MUANG THAI_bagoong riceBagoong Rice. My Mom’s favorite. Mom loves this so much that there are times when she really craves for this and she ends up ordering it over the phone then asks the driver pick it up from the restaurant (Banawe branch doesn’t do delivery; not sure about their other branch though). The rice is topped with slices of scrambled egg, unripe mangoes and sweet pork. It’s something that you can definitely eat on its own.

MUANG THAI_pad thaiPad Thai (half serving shown above). I’m not really a big fan of pad thai so this was just so-so for me, but that doesn’t really stop me from eating it hehe. I’ve received feedback that pad thai’s from other restaurants are a bit better than this.

MUANG THAI_chicken curryChicken Curry. We usually order this every time I’m with Ahya and I can’t blame him. It’s made up of chunks of really tender chicken swimming in flavorful curry sauce.  A word of caution: be on the lookout for the piece of red chili swimming in the sauce. We’ve already had instances of biting into it by accident and it definitely gave us a kick! 😛

MUANG THAI_sticky rice with mangoSticky Rice with Mango. This is another one of my Mom’s favorites. It’s basically sticky rice and a slice of mango smothered in coconut milk and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. I also get the hankering for this dessert once in a while, and it’s really good eaten when it’s still warm. 🙂


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[…] We ordered two types of fried rice to share among the five of us. The photo above shows the Crabmeat Fried Rice. I didn’t get to take a photo of the other one (Bagoong / Shrimp Paste Fried Rice) since it was placed at the other end of the table. Both were just okay. I still prefer the Bagoong Rice from Muang Thai. […]

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