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Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food

Posted on: May 31, 2011

One night after work, Pointyman and I headed to Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food to grab something for dinner. We’ve heard of good reviews about the place and were warned that it gets packed pretty quickly. We made sure to be there by 6:30pm and true enough, there were only a couple of empty seats left.

EAT FRESH saucesI noticed that there were some bottles containing different sauces in each table. These were (from left to right) Soy Sauce, Sweet & Chili Sauce, Sweet Sauce and Peanut Sauce. You can use whichever you want with the things you order. My brother and I ended up using just the Sweet and Chili Sauce since it went so well with the fried stuff! (I have to apologize for the really bad quality of the photos, I had to resort to using my phone’s camera to get these because it’s difficult to carry my Nikon around all the time, especially if I’m commuting home from work. It’s really making me think of upgrading my phone so that I could get a better camera too. Anyhoo, I digress. Let’s go back to the food, shall we?)

EAT FRESH_apple carrot juiceApple Carrot Juice. I wanted to drink something refreshing that night and this definitely hit the spot! I would definitely order this again, especially since it’s very light and does a fantastic job of cleansing the palate.

EAT FRESH_fried wantons and big intestineFried Wantons and Big (Pork) Intestine. There is no exact word to describe how good these are. They’re just really, really, REALLY good. The wantons were excellent with the Sweet & Chili Sauce that I was telling you about. The intestine was crunchy and flavorful; my brother found this so good that he decided to order another serving. Unfortunately for us, Eat Fresh was already out of it by that time. Please take note that this was just a couple of minutes from the time that this serving was placed on our table. 😦

EAT FRESH_chicken and mushroom claypot riceChicken and Sausage Claypot Rice. I wasn’t particularly hungry that night (due to a hefty lunch from Mr. Kebab!) so my brother and I decided to share just one serving of their claypot rice. This was served with light soy sauce, which you pour over the entire thing before mixing them all together. I found this pretty ordinary. The rice below wasn’t as toasted as I expected it to be, and I feel like my Dad’s version of this dish still wins hands down. Doesn’t mean that it wasn’t good though.

EAT FRESH_duck liver sausageDuck Liver Sausage. Brother dear was still craving for something extra and decided to order a serving of this duck liver sausage. I bet he missed this a lot since Dad used to bring these sausages home from China often and we’d have this part of our dinners once every few days. My dad decided to have him stop eating it too much since some of the numbers in his blood tests were getting a bit out of hand. 😛 There’s just one thing you have to remember when eating these types of sausages, it’s best eaten with steaming white rice. 🙂

Overall, I think that Eat Fresh was so-so. I have to give it to them, though: those fried goodies they have are really good and reminiscent of our childhood, so that’s already a plus. I’d love to come back for their juices too! Maybe we’ll try their other dishes when we find ourselves there again. Pointyman still wants to have that extra order of fried big intestines anyway. 🙂

**Eat Fresh is located along Maria Clara Street near Banawe in Quezon City. I believe the place is closed during Sundays, but is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 10am until midnight.


3 Responses to "Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food"

Do you steve kikiam?

I mean serve kikiam?

Hi Nonie!

I’m not sure if they serve kikiam, but I don’t recall seeing it on their menu when I visited their store.


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