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Angel’s Pizza

Posted on: June 8, 2011

I was craving for pizza several days ago and was finally able to satiate myself when we ordered a 12-inch pizza from Angel’s Pizza (they say this used to be Domino’s). I think this is the pizza place nearest The Boyfriend’s residence so we normally order from there (unless we feel like getting something fancier from another establishment). If I was just ordering for myself, I’d get anything which doesn’t have beef toppings, but since The Boyfriend was going to be eating with me, I decided to get their Cheesy Burger pizza. Believe me, The Boyfriend was so thrilled with this since he gets to have all the beef toppings which I remove from my pizza slices. 😛

ANGEL'S PIZZAANGEL'S PIZZA_cheesy burgerCheesy Burger. Definitely one of my favorites from Angel’s. I love their crust since it’s not plain, boring dough. It tastes a bit sweet and kind of reminds me of the cornmeal bread from Subway. There was a time when we reheated a couple of slices in the oven and the crust ended up being toasted, making it doubly delicious!

ANGEL'S PIZZA_carbonaraCarbonara. This was a total downer. The pasta was soggy, the sauce was bland, and there were very, very few slices of button mushrooms and ham. The next time we order from them, I’m staying away from this.

ANGEL'S PIZZA_carrot loafSince we availed of a promo, we received a free Carrot Loaf. It was smaller in size than what we expected, but tastes a bit better than it looks.

**Angel’s Pizza have several branches and their delivery hotline number is 922-22-22. You may also visit their Facebook page here.


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