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Conti’s Trinoma

Posted on: June 11, 2011

I met up with one of my dearest friends for lunch at Conti’s today to celebrate her birthday in advance. It’s been months since we last met so today was such a great opportunity to catch up on the things that has been going on in our lives. It was just the two of us so you can just imagine the diversity of our conversation topics! We didn’t order much today but it took us a little over an hour to finish our dishes since we were sharing so many stories. 😛

CONTI'S_baked macBaked Mac (Regular). Dulz ordered this and I was glad that she managed to finish this on her own since she normally doesn’t finish an entire serving. That’s a big improvement since we’re trying to have her gain a bit of weight! :p

CONTI'S_pasta allegriaPasta Allegria. I decided to try this pasta dish since I didn’t want to eat too much today (I already ate a lot during Dhya’s birthday celebration yesterday). I didn’t think there was anything special about the dish, but it was still okay.

CONTI'S_mango brave cake sliceMango Bravo. We had a slice of cake to share between us while discussing about some of the lighter things in life. I missed having this! Mango Bravo is one of the best sellers from Conti’s line of pastries.

It was a relaxing lunch out and it ended with us planning on some things that we can do with the others in the near future; I’m excited to see those plans come to life! I really enjoy time spent with real friends, no matter how short they are. (Advance) Happy 25th, Dulz! 🙂


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