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Saturday Night Treats

Posted on: June 25, 2011

There’s only three of us home for dinner tonight and nobody felt like cooking anything (blame it on the weather, I guess! :P). Both Mom and I were craving pizza since the day we watched a food show on TLC several days ago, so we decided to order something from Yellow Cab. Pointyman was also looking for milk tea and since Serenitea offers delivery, we decided to indulge and get each of us a drink!

Yellow Cab_Corona Chicken Salsa14″ Corona Chicken Salsa: one of Pointyman’s favorites from the Cab. Toppings include pieces of chicken, diced tomatoes and cheese. Squeeze the lime’s juice over the pizza to make it even better! (Tonight’s pizza wasn’t piping hot since it took almost an hour for the food to arrive at our house, so I was a bit disappointed with the delivery service. 😦 )

Yellow Cab_Charlie ChansCharlie Chan’s Chicken Pasta

Serenitea tops

Serenitea(From left to right) Hokkaido milk tea with egg pudding for Dhya, Taro milk tea for Mom and Nagasaki milk tea for me. It was my first time to try the Nagasaki milk tea and I have to say that it’s now one of my favorite drinks from Serenitea! Mom also enjoyed her taro drink a lot, which is a big thing since she’s not much of a tea person. 🙂 Dhya and Mom drank their milk teas while eating pizza, while I enjoyed mine after the meal itself since I didn’t find it “appropriate”. I’m odd that way. 😛

I really enjoyed tonight’s meal; it’s a nice break from all the cooking we’ve been doing lately. I wouldn’t mind doing this again soon!


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