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Sumo Sam Trinoma branch

Posted on: June 28, 2011

I think the first time I set foot at Sumo Sam was during my brother’s birthday celebration years ago. It made a good impression on me so I’ve already visited the restaurant for several more times after that (I’ve blogged about one of our other visits before). The last time was just this Sunday when I was at their Trinoma branch. The Boyfriend and I were looking for someplace to eat lunch before we caught the showing of X-Men: First Class (Yes, we haven’t been to the cinema since Thor came out).

Knowing that my stomach cannot handle a whole lot these days compared to the amount that I could consume from several years back, I decided to forgo ordering the set meal. I let The Boyfriend handle most of the decision-making this time.

Sumo Sam_assorted sashimiAssorted Sashimi (Php378.00). Ahhhh…lovely, lovely sashimi. They didn’t taste as fresh as the ones from Nihonbashi Tei’s, but they were still pretty good. I had to let my companion eat most of this, though, since I was busy picking on the other dish that he ordered.

Sumo Sam_dynamite rollDynamite Roll (Php248.00). This is one of the few dishes that usually made an appearance when we’re dining at Sumo Sam. I really liked the fact that there were still a lot of delicious stuff on and inside the rolls; however, taste-wise, it wasn’t all that special anymore (it was no longer spicy). I think I prefer Omakase’s version better now.

Sumo Sam_unagi donUnagi Don (Php328.00). I ended up ordering this for two reasons: (1) the pork for the Shoyu Ramen, which I initially wanted, was unavailable and they said that if it was okay with me, they’ll be replacing the pork with chicken. I wasn’t in the mood to eat poultry so I had to pick something else.; (2) I remembered the eel that I didn’t get to eat when we visited Nihonbashi Tei. This donburi was pretty good. I decided to share it with The Boyfriend since I didn’t want to overload myself with carbs (I didn’t get my dose of Dance Central that morning). 😛

Sumo Sam_Japanese carbonaraJapanese Carbonara (Php288.00). I was teasing The Boyfriend because he decided to order this. It just felt so strange for us to be using wooden chopsticks to eat carbonara in a Japanese restaurant! 😀 With the exception of the two pieces of shrimp tempura, ebiko and nori strips on top, this dish looks just like your usual carbonara. I have to admit that it’s definitely one of the tastier carbonara dishes that we’ve had as of late. It was very creamy and flavorful, not watered down like the ones from other places. It was perfect for two (or maybe even three) persons to share. 🙂

We were really full by the time that we finished everything on the table. It was a good thing that we had hot tea to wash all those down and that we didn’t order anything for dessert! When we were settling the bill, I realized that Sumo Sam have already raised the prices of their items. They are a tad more expensive now since some of their dishes have shrunk a bit in size; thankfully, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to fill you up completely. Although there are definitely areas for improvement, I think we still managed to have a pretty decent meal. It was just right for a packed afternoon that we had ahead of us. 🙂


2 Responses to "Sumo Sam Trinoma branch"

This is a very hunger-inducing post, lol! I want to try the assorted sashimi. Thanks for pointing it out so I have something to look forward to on my next visit at SumoSam 🙂

Hi Abby,

You’re welcome and thank YOU for dropping by my blog! I hope you have fun dining at SumoSam. Feel free to share your dining experiences with us too . 🙂


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