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Capricciosa: Ristorante Italiano

Posted on: July 4, 2011

I spent the entire Saturday with some friends from high school, scouring racks and racks of clothing to help them find something they could wear for the upcoming wedding. To call it an exhausting day is an understatement, and am truly glad I decided to wear my sneakers instead of my usual ballet flats. After our semi-successful hunt, we decided to reward ourselves by catching a movie. We still had a little more than an hour and a half to spare before the movie started and Jac was craving for something Italian for dinner. Off we went to try Capricciosa:Ristorante Italiano.


Since we were advised by our server for the day that their dishes were for sharing, we decided to simply order one pasta dish and a pizza for the four of us to share. Here’s what we had:

Shrimp and Spinach Gratin with RigatoniShrimp and Spinach Gratin with Rigatoni. This dish was served piping hot and was definitely a crowd-pleaser. We all enjoyed how creamy it was and that it just had the right amount of saltiness to it. The server told us that it was good enough for 3 to 4 persons, and although we managed to split it into four servings, I really think that it’s only good for 2.

CapricciosaCapricciosa. This pizza was called the restaurant’s specialty. Toppings include bacon, mushrooms, diced green and red bell peppers and pepperoni. For me, this was just so-so. They weren’t very generous with the toppings so I wasn’t very impressed. Maybe the other pizza items would fare much better?

Overall, I think this place was just okay, albeit a tad expensive for such small serving sizes. I hear that a lot of people really like eating at Capricciosa so once I feel like splurging a bit again, I might go back and try their other dishes. I hear their other seafood pasta dishes are good too. 🙂


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