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New York Pizza Palace

Posted on: August 2, 2011

We managed to find another gem along Makati Avenue last weekend! I have no idea how long the New York Pizza Palace has been around, but I really think we had great luck for stumbling upon that place while looking for a place to have lunch. Their place was cozy and the staff were all very courteous and friendly (definitely a plus on my book!). NYPP’s style is similar to Sbarro, where you fall in line to pick your pizza, pasta, drinks, etc. and then pay for it at the counter. I am also happy to let you know that their pizza slices are big too, and their pasta dishes are good for sharing. 🙂

New York Pizza Palace Logo

New York Pizza Palace_calamariWe ordered a serving of Crispy Calamari (Php175.00) for us to share. I was thinking of getting a serving of mozzarella sticks at first, but I’m glad the Boyfriend convinced me to get the calamari instead. These squid rings were simply divine! They were big, chunky slices served with a vinegar-based dipping sauce. The sauce was good, but I preferred to put a drop or two of hot sauce on each ring before eating them. NYPP’s calamari is worth your money since they’re not like the ones you get from other restaurants, where it’s all breading and just teeny bits of squid. I’m sure you know how disappointing that feels like.

New York Pizza Palace_cheese pizzaNYPP’s pizza comes in 14″ or 18″, but you have the option to get them by slice. Since there were only two of us dining, it wasn’t practical to get an entire pizza even if one of the servers kept on encouraging us to do so. 🙂 After several minutes of looking at the display counter, I decided to try the usual cheese slice: New York Style Cheese (Php85.00/slice). I loved how thin the crust was and that it didn’t taste like ordinary bread. In my opinion, the crust resembles the taste of Subway’s cornmeal bread. I’m not positive if NYPP really used cornmeal, but I’m 100% sure that I enjoyed eating it a lot! 🙂

New York Pizza Palace_Prince Street ClamThe Boyfriend ordered a slice of Prince Street Clam (Php135.00/slice). The pizza slice wasn’t completely covered by clams, but there were still quite a lot to satisfy your taste buds. It was really good, probably even better than my New York Style Cheese! I won’t hesitate to order an entire 14″ of this if I am in the company of a number of friends or family.

New York Pizza Palace_cannoliWe weren’t thinking of getting dessert anymore, but when I took a peek at the desserts display counter and saw that they offered Cannoli (Php115.00 per piece), my curiosity got the best of me. I didn’t have any expectations set since I’ve never tried a cannolo before, but I have to say that I didn’t quite enjoy this dessert. 😦 The dough was a bit thick and tough to chew on, so it was a let-down. The filling was just so-so. I hope I could try cannoli at another place so that I could fully determine if this is something I truly like or not.

In case you’re planning on dropping by their store and trying their pizza, here are some suggestions on which one to choose: NYPP Vodka Pie; Spinach and Artichoke; Eggplant Ricotta; and NYPP Spicy Shrimp. I know these flavors will be part of my must-try list. 🙂

***New York Pizza Palace is located at the ground floor of A.Venue Mall along Makati Avenue, Makati City. I believe they’re open from 11a.m. until 2a.m. the next day and also offer delivery service. Visit their official website here.


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