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H.K. Choi for Ahya’s birthday

Posted on: September 10, 2011

We celebrated Mons’ birthday last week in H.K. Choi SM Megamall branch. It wasn’t our first time there, but it has been quite some time since our last visit. I was really excited to eat ham sui kok again; I think that has to be my favorite item from H.K. Choi.  My brother chose the following dishes for us that Sunday:

HK Choi logo
HK Choi_roast pork and soy chickenWe started our meal with a serving of Roast BBQ Pork with Soy Chicken. I found the roast pork okay. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t able to try the chicken until the time when I was editing my photos for uploading. 😛

HK Choi_salt and pepper tofuThis is another one of the dishes that I don’t mind eating again and again: Fried Beancurd with Salt and Pepper. It’s delicious eaten plain or when dipped in the sauce (vinegar) provided with each order. If I’m not mistaken, my brother ordered two servings of this dish.

HK Choi_fish curryThe Curry Fish Fillet was just okay for me. My brother said that he remembered ordering the Curry Fish Ball, but we got this one instead. Not being the type to complain in restaurants, my brother decided to just let it go. It wasn’t a bad tasting dish anyway.

HK Choi_hokkien fried riceI don’t recall if I’ve eaten this from other places before, but the Fookien Fried Rice was a bit weird for my liking. The layer of seafood, vegetables and sauce sitting on top of the rice was a little too much for me. I ate a couple of tablespoons and decided to pick on the other dishes instead.

HK Choi_salt and pepper spareribs The Fried Spareribs with Salt and Pepper was also okay. I was able to eat a piece or two but didn’t get any extras since I was saving room for the next two dishes that we had.

HK Choi_hot prawn saladHot Prawn Salad: I’m actually not a big fan of this dish in general, but I like eating the prawns especially when they’re still hot! I always forego the fruits as much as possible since there has always been something about heated fruit salad which disturbs me. I’d rather eat them separately as a dessert rather than having them like this. It’s one of my quirks, I know.

HK Choi_ham sui kokWe ended this particular meal with my favorite: Ham Sui Kok! My brother ordered a piece for each person, but Christine said that she was already too full to eat her share. I gladly accepted it for myself when the offer was made. 🙂 I really can’t say no to ham sui kok. :p


1 Response to "H.K. Choi for Ahya’s birthday"

I love HK Choi. This reminds me that I should go back there some time this week 🙂

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