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Weekend Highlights: Cafe Breton

Posted on: October 19, 2011

I met up with some of my favorite ladies last weekend to catch up on the latest events in our lives. There were supposed to be four of us (plus our significant others), but since one of the ladies wasn’t feeling too well, we were incomplete. After lunch at Recipes, Ms. Louisa had someplace to go to so Dulz and I were the only ones left to have coffee post-lunch. The usual coffee shops were packed so I suggested we go to Cafe Breton. I haven’t been to that place for so long and it was such a nice feeling to be back! It has that cozy, homey feeling to it and it’s especially nice when it’s not too crowded. I should really make sure I drop by this place more often. 🙂Cafe Breton_drinks(From left to right) Cafe Leigeois for me, Caramel Leigeois for Dulz and a tall, steaming cup of calamansi juice for The Boyfriend who was also feeling a bit under the weather. I happen to like the Cafe Leigeois, which is made up of cold espresso and coffee ice cream. A sure winner for caffeine enthusiasts like me! 🙂

Cafe Breton_Le MagnifiqueThe group and I also shared a serving of Le Magnifique, which is a crepe filled with sliced bananas, smothered with Nutella, and then topped with whipped cream, sliced almonds and chocolate syrup. I remember eating the same thing when I first visited Cafe Breton, and it’s still something I enjoy today. Dulz didn’t like having the bananas inside though, so she settled with just getting a bit of the crepe and then concentrating on her caramel drink. 🙂

We spent an extra hour or two talking about everything since we haven’t seen each other for almost a month and a half. Being able to bond with Ms. Louisa and Dulz was such a pleasant way to spend my work-free Saturday. I hope to see them again soon, and am also hoping that Ms. Rose will be able to join us the next time. 🙂

**Some of Cafe Breton’s branches are located at the following places: Greenbelt 3, Robinsons Place-Manila, Trinoma, Tomas Morato, SM Mall of Asia, UP Ayala Land TechnoHub and The Podium, Ortigas.


2 Responses to "Weekend Highlights: Cafe Breton"

Cafe Breton has the best crepes! I shall visit them again 🙂

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