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Barcino: Greenbelt 2

Posted on: January 5, 2012

Remember I mentioned something about my first dinner for 2012 being in a place I haven’t been to before? It was actually at Barcino, a Spanish restaurant located in Greenbelt 2. I first heard about this place from my brother but I wasn’t able to actually try it out during the last quarter of 2011. Too many packed weekends, I tell you (and The Boyfriend and I were watching our budget since the holidays were coming up).

January 1 of this year fell on a Sunday and since The Boyfriend and I were out with his family, he decided it would be best to try out a new place while everyone was with us. He took care of most of the ordering and here are the dishes that we had:

Barcino_complimentary breadWe started the meal with a complimentary bread basket. The spread that came with it was tomato and olive oil. The photo above is the piece of bread The Boyfriend “prepared” for me.

Barcino_chorizo bilbaoThe appetizer he selected was the Chorizo Bilbao (Php235.00). There were six pieces in a serving and it was a good thing that there were just six of us as well, so everyone was able to try it out. I found this a bit too salty for my liking. I remembered the choriza al vino which we had in another Spanish place in Greenbelt and decided I prefer that one way better.
Barcino_paella negraAfter we’re done with the appetizer, the rest of our food started to arrive on our table. First up was the Paella Negra (Php375.00), which The Boyfriend absolutely liked. He said he liked how soft the grains were and how all of them were well-coated by the squid ink. I found it just okay, but probably because I was never really a fan of this type of paella ever since I was young.

Barcino_paella mariscoBy the way, he ordered two different types of paella since each serving was just good for 2 to 3 heads. The Paella de Marisco (Php595.00) was the second one and was the one that I enjoyed better. I found it flavorful and I liked seeing all those seafood piled on top.

Barcino_costilla de adanThe Boyfriend also ordered the Costilla de Adan (Php395.00): It was pork swimming in barbecue sauce. I found the sweetness of this dish too overpowering, so I have to be honest and say this is the dish that I least enjoyed. After I tried a piece of the pork, I couldn’t taste anything else even after trying to wash it away with lots of water. The sweetness just killed my sense of taste. 😦 The Boyfriend, on the other hand, liked it a lot.

Barcino_huevas est jamonThe last dish for the night was the Chef’s recommendation: Huevos est Jamon (Php295.00), which consisted of potatoes, slices of ham and two eggs. If I’m not mistaken, they were also sprinkled with paprika. The Boyfriend said that this was a really good dish and was really raving about it, but since I couldn’t taste anything else anymore at that point, I couldn’t agree or disagree with him. I am willing to give this another shot on our next visit so that I could give it a better rating.

There’s no doubt about it that if only my taste buds were still at tip-top shape, I would’ve requested that we order the crema catalana, which is a dessert quite similar to the well-known crème brûlée. Although I have an inkling on what that dessert would taste like, I’m still curious about it since I saw one being made on one of the programs from Discovery Travel and Living (TLC). There’s always a next time so I won’t be disappointed just yet. 🙂

**Barcino has branches at the following locations: Greenbelt 2, The Fort, Ortigas Town Center and Rockwell.


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This takes me back… I wanna try the paella negra again *drool*

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