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Legaspi Sunday Market

Posted on: February 18, 2012

Most of my Sundays are usually spent in malls, so you can just imagine what a nice change it was when my brother and I dropped by the Legaspi Sunday Market in Makati last week. It was my first time to visit the place, and I have to say that it was such an exciting place to be in. It was filled with lots of beautiful people, tempting food, and decorative things to buy. Definitely a nice way to spend a peaceful weekend morning!

After going around the place for a couple of times, we were able to buy stuff to eat for lunch. We ordered from  several different stalls, mostly those that my brother and Christine were already able to try before. Here’s a quick peek at the things we brought back to Christine’s place:

Legaspi Market_Hainanese ChickenI got myself a serving of Hainanese Chicken Rice (Php130.00).

Legaspi Market_Hong Kong Chicken Claypot Rice
My brother ordered the Hong Kong Chicken Claypot Rice (Php150.00) from the same stall where I bought my meal.

Legaspi Market_oyster cakeMy brother also bought a serving of oyster cake, or o-ah-cien (as I’m used to calling it), for everyone to share. This was bought from another stall being manned by a Chinese couple.

Legaspi Market_Shrimp Pad ThaiThe Boyfriend ended up buying a huge order of Shrimp Pad Thai. He said that it was just okay, nothing special.

Legaspi Market_organic mochiI guess I could say that our best purchase was this pack of Organic Mochi, which costs Php100.00 for three pieces. I really liked this a lot, mainly because it wasn’t very sweet, and there was a lot of filling inside! The Boyfriend thinks I’m biased because I found the Japanese lady who sold this to be really adorable. She was smiling all the time and she even offered us free origami! We took home three paper cranes with us. 🙂 My brother might be heading to the Sunday Market again tomorrow, and I’ve already requested that he buy more mochi for me. 🙂


1 Response to "Legaspi Sunday Market"

I miss hainanese chicken rice & pad thai. Been wanting to try Legazpi market but haven’t had a chance to. 😦

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