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Tao Yuan at Greenbelt

Posted on: March 9, 2012

It’s fairly obvious that I like anything that has to do with food. This means that one of my hobbies include reading different food blogs and learning about old, new, popular, hidden, fancy or eccentric restaurants. Because of this, I’ve come across Tao Yuan several times and learned that the first branch was somewhere in Malate. I rarely find myself in that part of the metro so even if I’ve been telling my Mom that we should try it out, I still haven’t been able to until they started opening branches at other locations.

When they finally opened a (small) branch at Greenbelt, I was pretty confident that I would finally be able to give it a shot. True enough, I had dinner with The Boyfriend’s family there several Sundays ago.

TAO YUAN_HK Hainanese chickenOur meal started off with the HK Hainanese Chicken, which was delicious. The Boyfriend made sure to get all the sauce on his rice in order to make good use of the all that precious liquid.

TAO YUAN_braised pork belly with taopokNext to arrive was the Braised Pork Belly with Taopok. This was my favorite dish for the night. I liked how it was just salty enough, and I was really fishing for the tofu puffs. I don’t mind if the others get all the meat, as long as I get to chow on a lot of tofu puffs!

TAO YUAN_Singapore spareribsThey also ordered a serving of Singapore SpareribsI found this a bit tough to chew on, so it’s not something that I’ll add to my list of favorites. The Boyfriend liked it though.

TAO YUAN_steamed fish fillet with ham and black mushroomThe last dish we had was the Steamed Fish Fillet with Ham and Black Mushroom. This was just okay for me; I didn’t find the fish to be anything special. I preferred the ham and mushrooms because they reminded me a lot of my Dad’s cooking.

TAO YUAN_complimentary dessertTao Yuan also gave us free Almond Jelly with Fruit Cocktail as dessert. It tasted like your usual Chinese restaurant dessert, but since it was free, I’m not going to complain.

So far most of what we were able to eat was pretty good and I think that Tao Yuan might be one of the better (although quite pricey) Singaporean/Chinese restaurants that we have in the city. I don’t know if the quality of their food is consistent across all their restaurants so I’ll just hope that they are. 🙂

**You can learn more about Tao Yuan by visiting their official website here.


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