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Ma Maison: Revisited *Restaurant now closed*

Posted on: March 18, 2012

My brother treated me to lunch at Ma Maison after a morning of checking out possible venues for his wedding reception. It was just my second time to eat there and I’m more than glad to be able to see if things have improved since my first visit.

Ma Maison_breadsticksThey still serve complimentary bread sticks before each meal. I’m glad that the bottom of the glass wasn’t wet this time!

Ma Maison_citrus drinkI ordered one of their citrus drinks; apologies but the name of the drink has completely slipped my mind. It was just so-so for me.

Ma Maison_Orange Black TeaMy brother had the Orange Black Teawhich I still highly recommend.

Ma Maison_Japanese scallop carpaccioI let the big bro decide what we were going to have for appetizer, and he chose the Japanese Scallop Carpaccio. The thinly sliced raw scallops were fresh and sweet. I also liked how the alfalfa sprouts gave the dish a contrast in texture. That brown sauce you can see in the photo was also nice, but we really didn’t have any idea what it was made out of. We could only guess.

Ma Maison_Jumbo HamburgerMy brother chose the Jumbo Hamburger for his main dish. It was a thick beef patty topped with fried egg and Ma Maison’s brown sauce. Potato salad and veggies are also served alongside the burger. My brother appeared to have enjoyed this dish.

Ma Maison_tonkatsuI decided to order the Tonkatsu upon hearing positive reviews about it. This was served with shredded cabbage (with sesame dressing!), potato salad and some mustard. Christine and my brother suggested I try eating it with a bit of the sea salt, rather than just dipping it in the usual tonkatsu sauce. It surprised me because I didn’t expect how well it will be able to highlight the flavor of the meat. I’m now a convert and will not be able to eat tonkatsu without some sea salt!

The meat itself was okay, although the center was a bit tough and dry. They said that is an area which the restaurant should probably continue to work on; there are instances when the pork’s cooked very close to perfection, but there are times where it was just too tough (overcooked). By the way, if you find yourself at the Greenbelt area during weekdays, you can take advantage of Ma Maison’s Tonkatsu Lunch Set.

Ma Maison_frozen green tea brazo de mercedesNormally, we don’t order dessert after our meals, but we decided to give Ma Maison’s signature desserts a shot this time. We ordered two desserts, one of which was this heavenly slice of Green Tea Brazo de Mercedes. The green tea ice cream was “homemade” and it had the right amount of bitterness; the crust was also really good. My brother and I obviously enjoyed this a lot! This is one of Ma Maison’s bestsellers, so if you want to give this a try, you have to go to the restaurant early. It becomes unavailable pretty quickly!

Ma Maison_fruit tempura and wasabi panacottaThe second dessert we chose was the platter of Fruit Tempura served with Chocolate and Wasabi Panna Cotta. This was another winner in my books! I honestly did not care much for the fried fruits, but I adored the delicious melted chocolate and the panna cotta. I couldn’t resist the urge to scrape the bowl clean. The panna cotta was creamy and light, plus the wasabi wasn’t overpowering so it’s still something that those who dislike wasabi might want to try out.

This visit was definitely way better than my first try: The service has improved a lot (which is a big plus) and also because their desserts successfully won me over. Good job, Ma Maison!


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