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Burgoo: Rockwell / Powerplant Mall

Posted on: April 4, 2012

There are times when I have no idea where to eat and just randomly pick a place which still looks like they have space to seat two people. Such was the case when The Boyfriend and I went out for a late dinner weeks ago. We found ourselves in Rockwell with only an hour or so left before the mall closes. We both had no idea where we’d grab dinner, and even our usual go-to places weren’t making us tick. After roaming the mall for half an hour, we decided to dine at Burgoo. We’ve been to the place numerous times (usually with the company of friends), but I don’t quite remember which dishes were worth ordering and which ones are better left untouched.

Burgoo_Onion RingsWe started our meal with a regular serving of Onion Rings, which wasn’t as good as we expected it to be. We’re glad we only decided to order the regular serving since we already had trouble finishing this one off. The dip that came with the onion rings didn’t taste like anything special either.

Burgoo_Grilled LambThe Boyfriend decided to order Grilled Lamb for himself. He was able to try this out once when we dined at the Gateway Mall branch prior to the Westlife concert. He found it to be really good back then, so it wasn’t surprising that he chose the same dish. He said that it was just okay. I didn’t hear him raving about it this time around; either it was no longer at par with what he expected or it’s because he wasn’t feeling his best that day.

Burgoo_Chicken DianeI normally order sandwiches when dining in places like Burgoo, but decided to change things a bit and order a pasta dish instead. I didn’t go with the usuals and chose a regular serving of the Chicken Diane, which was spaghetti swimming in creamy garlic sauce, topped with two pieces of grilled chicken fillets, diced tomatoes, onions and capers. It was also served with two pieces of garlic toast on the side.

Apart from enjoying anything with a spicy kick, I also happen to love anything garlicky. This dish was excellent while piping hot, and the regular serving was good enough for me to share it with The Boyfriend. I think it was a good decision to split this dish so that it gets eaten quickly because once the sauce became cold, it was no longer that delectable. This pasta dish also comes in a bigger serving, by the way.

**Burgoo has a lot of branches in the Metro. Here are some of them: Powerplant Mall, Makati; Gateway Mall, Cubao; SM Mall of Asia; along Morato, Quezon City; Robinson’s Galleria, Ortigas.


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