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Posted on: April 27, 2012

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it several times before, but I will repeat it again: spending time with my friends from high school will always be one of the few things that I wish I get to do more often. We rarely get to hang out with each other, but we all strive to schedule something once every few months. The last one which we had was when we went out to watch Hunger Games in Eastwood Mall and then caught up with each other over dinner at Crisostomo.

We had to order quite a feast for our group since there were a lot of us dining that night. Here’s a rundown of the things that we managed to eat:

Crisostomo_lengua sisigOne of the first dishes to arrive was the Lengua Sisig. I wasn’t able to try this out, but The Boyfriend said that it was good and I believe him. This was one of the first few dishes to be completely eaten during the first few minutes of the meal.

Crisostomo_pork sisig The Pork Sisig was something that I was able to enjoy with the rest of the group. It was also pretty good! Although I would have preferred to crush the chili and mix it in into the dish, I decided against it since one of my friends is pregnant. I didn’t know if the heat would have any negative effects on her.

Crisostomo_laingWe also ordered one serving of Laing, which I wasn’t able to enjoy very much. I’m not sure why I didn’t find this one amusing, maybe I just like the version from other places better. Laing, by the way, is a Filipino dish which is essentially taro leaves and stems cooked in coconut milk. It’s also mixed with a bit of shrimp paste and chili.

Crisostomo_dinuguanI really liked the Dinuguan and didn’t mind eating a lot of it. It was perfect with the plain white rice that we all had. Dinuguan is made of meat and/or lungs, kidneys, snout, etc. which are all simmered in the pig’s blood (along with other ingredients/spices, of course). This is definitely not for people who do not like eating “unusual” food. 😛

Crisostomo_karekareI wasn’t able to eat the meat from the Kare-Kare since it was beef, but I think that it was yummy. All my companions had their share of this dish and it was completely wiped out too. They all enjoyed topping their rice with the thick sauce and some shrimp paste.

Crisostomo_tuna pangaThe Boyfriend was the one who suggested we order a serving of the Grilled Tuna Panga (Jaw) because he remembered enjoying this a lot when we dined at Crisostomo with his family before. He enjoyed eating it again this time, picking at it until there was nothing edible left.

There’s one dish that I wasn’t able to take a photo of, and it was the Pork Sinigang (Tamarind) Soup. It was also delicious, and I could have eaten a lot more if only it wasn’t already pretty late in the night. I have to say that although Crisostomo’s prices are pretty steep, their food’s good and their place in Eastwood was good for large groups. I love their interiors and their HUGE menu too! 🙂

We had such a blast that even way after everyone was already done eating, we still stayed at Crisostomo to swap stories. I’m looking forward to this coming Sunday since we’re all going to be together for another event. I’m sure it’s going to be a winner as well! 🙂

**Crisostomo has branches at Eastwood Mall and the Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay.


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Wow this are the foods that I have missed back home!!!

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