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An Unfortunate Event

Posted on: June 20, 2012

I attended the recently concluded MAFBEX at the World Trade Center last Saturday and unexpectedly found myself in my most stressful situation this year: My mobile phone was stolen while I was inside the place.

It was picked out of my front pocket without me noticing it until it was already too late. This is very surprising since I’ve always been very careful with my things (especially in public places), but I guess I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. What made the entire experience worse was watching the local police assigned in the place lounge around their booth even after I reported what happened. They just told me that they’ll inform me once somebody surrenders the phone to them. Riiiiiiight.

While I was speaking with some of the representatives at the Information Booth, two other people also came over to report missing things. One of them had her designer bag slashed and her wallet stolen, while the other lost her Blackberry. World Trade Center security were a bit more helpful because they had their people roam the place to try and look for the items and the culprits. The lady who lost her wallet was able to get it back after some time because one of the security people found it inside one of the trash bins in the ladies’ washroom (no more money and even her concert tickets were gone).  As for the mobile phones, they were never found.

Once I realized that I lost my phone, I didn’t have high hopes of having it returned to me. What irked me was when the representatives told us that they’ve already had four incidents of mobile phone theft the day before, but the alleged thieves were all let go by the local police. Knowing this, why didn’t the World Trade Center security group / local police / organizers tighten their security measures? I guess we’ll never really know the reason.

I’ve kind of gotten over that incident since it’s already been a couple of days, but there’s still anger inside. I’ll make sure to get back to my regular blogging in a few more days once I finish organizing all the things I have in store for you guys. Thank you so much to all the readers who have been dropping by consistently! I pray each of us will always be kept safe and far away from incidents like these.


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