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Balkan: Makati

Posted on: October 18, 2012

If you guys have noticed, the number of dishes that I get to feature for each entry had become fewer since my brothers and The Boyfriend don’t get to join us as often.  It was a good thing that 2 Sundays ago, my parents and I were able to meet up with my brother and sister-in-law at Makati to dine at a Yugoslavian restaurant. This meant more photos since there were more of us eating!

Anyway, if you’ve heard about Balkan Express in San Juan, then you might be very happy to know that they have another restaurant in the residential area of Perea Street, Makati. This one is said to be the upscale version of the one in San Juan and is called Balkan: Yugoslavian Home Cooking.

Balkan Bankah_logo

We were there very early, almost exactly when the restaurant opened their doors at 11am. I loved the music that they were playing in the restaurant!  I turned Soundhound on and managed to get the titles of two of the songs which I really liked: Boze, Brani Je Od Zla by Tose Proeski and Svadbarskim sokakom by Zdravko Colic. I honestly had no idea what the lyrics meant, but I liked them!

Balkan Bankah_goulashWe started the meal with a serving of Goulash (beef stew), which we had split into two servings. My brother let Dad try it and Dad found it to be really good that he ordered another serving (again split into two so that he and Mom can share). I was able to enjoy some of the soup after Dad ate all of the beef chunks from his share. I have to admit that it was very good! The taste brought back so many childhood memories since it resembled the one my Mom used to make when we were very little. It’s definitely comfort food for us!

Balkan Bankah_saladMy sis-in-law was back on her diet and decided to go with a bowl of Sopska, a salad consisted of chopped cucumber, tomatoes and onions, grated feta cheese, and olives on a bed of lettuce. The photo above doesn’t show you the other veggies since I’m too shy to dig into somebody else’s bowl just to take a shot. 🙂

Balkan Bankah_pork liverMy brother decided to go with the Dzigerica, which is pork liver. This was served with a rice side salad (I thought it was like onigiri) and mashed potatoes. My Dad and I were able to sample the liver and we both agreed that it tasted great, especially with all that garlic on top.

Balkan Bankah_batakMom ordered Batak, which is grilled chicken thigh topped with melted mozzarella cheese. She had the option to have it with rice or fries, and she went with the latter. She said that this was okay.

Balkan Bankah_kebab  I went through the menu several times and decied to go with the Balkanski Kebab, or chicken breast wrapped in bacon and skewered along with vegetables. I opted to have it with fries too. I found the chicken to be a little dry, but overall still okay. The fries were awesome!

Balkan Bankah_lamb Dad ordered the Lamb House Specialty. We were surprised with how big the serving was! I think it was good for two to three persons.We shared it among ourselves but was still unable to finish it off. I loved how tender the meat was and how flavorful it was too. I’m so glad we could take the excess home where I managed to dine on it Monday night after a hectic workday.

Balkan is a bit on the expensive side but I really think that the food was worth every penny. I can only wish that they add more non-beef items so that I can indulge a bit more. 🙂

*This branch is located at #109 Maripola Building, Perea Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. They’re open from 11am to 10pm daily.

*Balkan Express in San Juan is located along Mons Street.


2 Responses to "Balkan: Makati"

Correction. The restaurant’s name is « Balkan: Yugoslavian Home Cooking », NOT Balkan Bankah.

The sign is just using Cyrillic letters in white with the corresponding Latin letters in red.


Балкан simply reads Balkan. ^_^

Hi 王楚,

Thanks for pointing that one out! Good thing you dropped by and clarified that for us. 🙂

I’ve edited the blog title to avoid confusion. 🙂


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