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Ajisen Ramen: Sto. Domingo branch

Posted on: October 30, 2012

Last Sunday night, my parents and I decided to eat at the newly opened Ajisen Ramen along Sto. Domingo Street in Quezon City. We’ve passed by the place before they were even open and have already decided to drop by as soon as it was. I was able to have a short chat with one of the servers and learned that they started their operations last Oct. 5, 2012. 🙂

Initially, we all thought that it was a new Japanese restaurant, but after a while my Dad and I remembered that we’ve already eaten at Ajisen Ramen in Hong Kong! Dad was happy to know that they’ve opened a branch near our place since he has always enjoyed their ramen.

We arrived a couple of minutes before 6pm and was surprised that the place was already almost full! It was a good thing that we were still quickly given a table. If we arrived a little later then we would have had to wait until somebody else finishes eating. There were quite a large number of families waiting to be seated while we were there. Ajisen Ramen along Sto. Domingo has a small dining area so it really becomes packed quickly.

Ajisen Ramen_crunchy rollEvery time my family and I dine at a Japanese restaurant, my mom would have to have her Califonia Maki. This time, she was okay with trying out Ajisen Ramen’s Crunchy Roll (Php210.00 per serving). It’s similar to the California Maki, except for the addition of fried tempura batter to add some crunch. Unfortunately, the Crunchy Roll which we were served with had very few batter bits that it no longer differentiated itself from the California Maki. 😦 On the brighter side of things, it still tasted delicious!

Ajisen Ramen_pork teriyakidonFor her main, Mom decided to go with a bowl of Pork Teriyaki Don (Php175.00). She loved the fact that the pork strips were very tender, although she found the sauce to be a little too sweet.

Ajisen Ramen_katsudonI decided to go with a bowl of Katsudon(Php215.00).  The meat that I had was also tender and a delight to eat, unlike those of other Japanese restaurants found along Banawe. If there was anything else my parents and I agreed on, it’s that their rice bowls weren’t as plentiful as we expected (especially for their price range).

Ajisen Ramen_chirashi sushiDad went with one of his favorites: a serving of Chirashi Sushi (Php335.00). We requested that they remove the sakura-denbu (the pink powdery sweet stuff usually found in a serving of chirashi sushi) since Dad’s diabetic. He enjoyed this a lot, although he said that it would have been nicer if the slices of tuna and salmon sashimi were a little bigger. 🙂

Ajisen Ramen_seafood ramenDad also decided to order a bowl of Seafood Ramen (Php275.00)  for the three of us to share. This bowl contained assorted seafood, mushrooms and cabbage, along with the wheat noodles. Mom was no longer able to try this, though, because I decided not to eat all of the rice included in my katsudon and she ended up consuming that for me. :p

The white broth you see in the photo above is one of Ajisen Ramen’s signatures. I’m not very used to that type of soup base (since I’m more of a miso kind of girl), but I still found it to be pretty nice. I loved the texture of the noodles too!

Ajisen Ramen_red bean mochi ice creamWhen I noticed how Mom’s face lit up when she saw the picture for the Azuki Mochi Ice Cream on the menu, I knew we had to order a serving for her. This dessert is made up of crushed ice on milk, with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream sitting on top. Scattered on and around the ice cream were red beans and small pieces of mochi.

Mom shared this with me and we both enjoyed it very much.  Apart from the taste, I also liked how this dessert was served in a tall glass (I know you can only see a portion of the glass in the photo :p). It was really pretty to look at. 🙂

Another thing that we noticed was how friendly Ajisen Ramen’s staff were; even the guards outside were really nice and polite! It was definitely something that made the entire dining experience pleasant. This place will definitely be one of our top dining spots in the future! 🙂

**You may visit Ajisen Ramen Philippines’ official website here, and their Facebook page here. 🙂 They have branches at the following locations too: along Connecticut Street in Greenhills, and on the 3rd level of Robinson’s Place, Manila.


3 Responses to "Ajisen Ramen: Sto. Domingo branch"

I love their Spicy Ramen, we should eat there with everyone next time! 😀

I definitely agree! 😀

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