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Abe: Trinoma

Posted on: December 31, 2012

This post is a little late, but I wanted to make sure that it’s up before the current year ends. 🙂

As most of my friends know, December is definitely my favorite month of the year. I know the Manila traffic situation is craziest during this season because of the holidays, but it’s really not something to worry about whenever I think of all the activities that I get to do in a month’s time. The first two weeks are usually spent celebrating Dad’s and my birthdays, and then the second half is filled with numerous Christmas and New Year celebrations! This year was no different and I met up with some of my friends to celebrate my birthday and the holiday season by dining at Abe in Trinoma.

By the way, the restaurant’s cooking style is from the province of Pampanga, which they say is the “culinary capital” of the country.

Abe_Bihod RiceI let the ladies choose the dishes that we had for that evening. Dulz suggested we try this serving of Bihod Fried Rice.  The rice is topped with chopped red chili, spring onions, chicharon and (fish) roe. This was really, really good! I brought Dad and Mom to Abe a couple of days after this dinner just so that they can try it too; good thing the parents also found it delicious (whew!). 

Abe_pinakbetWe had to have something healthy on the table, so Rose chose to have a serving of Pinakbet. It’s a little different from the pinakbet that I was used to, but it was really a refreshing change. Very light but still packed with flavor.

Abe_tidtadOne of my favorites during the night was the Tidtad, their version of the dinuguan.

Abe_ginger chickenI don’t remember the name they called this dish, but it’s chicken with potatoes, ginger slices, red & green bell peppers in coconut milk. It’s said to be one of the restaurant’s best sellers, but I wasn’t blown away. I think the rest of the girls may have liked it better than I did. 

Abe_pancit cantonAs with most birthday celebrations, we had to have noodles to signify long life. We ordered this serving of Pancit Canton Guisado, which was pretty good.

**This branch of Abe is located at the third floor of Trinoma, Quezon City. They also have branches at Serendra, SM Mall of Asia and Alabang Town Center.

Oh, by the way, Happy New Year, guys!  Thank you for helping me reach more than 20,000 views this year and for following my blog. Here’s to more adventures in 2013! I hope you guys will still be there to share them with me.


moxy 🙂


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