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Corned Pork

Posted on: January 12, 2013

Although I’ve been stuck at home for the past week to rest my ankle, there’s no shortage of good food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. My parents usually cook some of our family favorites, along with the standard vegetable dish stir fried with garlic. Today, we were a bit pressed for time so my Mom decided to open a can of corned pork for lunch.

Canned Corned Pork

I ‘m surprised I haven’t blogged about this before despite all the praises I’ve given it. For somebody who hasn’t eaten beef for a little more than a decade, stumbling upon something as simple as canned corned pork brings a totally different level of joy! Mom saw this at the grocery store some time last year and brought it home for us to try. We’ve been hooked since then and have even recommended it to my Aunt’s family, who also happens to be non-beef eaters.

Canned Corned Pork 1

As with regular corned beef, we just cook the corned pork along with minced garlic, diced onions and tomatoes. Sometimes, we spruce it up a notch by adding diced potatoes. No need to add more sodium since it’s already salty enough. After a few minutes in the pan, the dish is ready to be enjoyed with bread and/or rice!

We don’t eat this on a regular basis since we try to limit the amount of canned goods that we consume. Having freshly cooked meals is still the way to go, but I think having stuff like this once in a while is pretty nice too. I’m curious: Do they have canned corned pork in other countries? I hope some of my readers could share and let me know. 🙂

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3 Responses to "Corned Pork"

We brought. Corned pork last sunday may 19 on puregold mindanao ave on qc! We see on the can the expiration date sept 2014! We opened these thursday may 24 and what we see are stingky and no corned pork!

Really? That’s very unfortunate. Maybe you can try forwarding your concern to their Company directly and see what they can do? Hopefully it doesn’t happen to you (or to anyone) again in the future!

Please! tell me where to find Corned Pork in USA ?

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