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Gavino’s Donuts: Banawe

Posted on: January 18, 2013

Here’s the thing: I’ve heard about Gavino’s Donuts from my brothers many times before, but we’ve never actually been able to try any of their stuff. My laziness to go out and look for their store at Greenhills Town Center is one of the many reasons to blame. Imagine my surprise when I heard from my Mom that Gavino’s was opening along Banawe! Now that it’s so near our place, there’s really no excuse not to try them, right?

Gavino's Logo

I asked my parents to drop by Gavino’s and grab some donuts on their way back from the wet market this morning and here’s what we were able to try:

Gavino'sMom bought a box of six donuts, or pon de rings as they’re called(we’ve already eaten two so you don’t see them in the photo anymore :p).

I don’t know the specific names of the ones Mom bought, but let me just describe them for you. There was the simple glazed, cinnamon, 2 of the glazed chocolate, glazed green tea and a chocolate with rice crispies on top. When I took my first donut out of the box using my fingers, I noticed how light and soft it was. Pretty weightless, actually. Biting into it revealed a texture that is soft and chewy; a cross between your standard doughnut and a mochi. I had my Mom try one of the donuts and she was amused with the texture as well!

Another thing we noticed was that these donuts weren’t too sweet. The glaze was, for obvious reasons, but the rest of the pastry wasn’t. There was a nice balance to them. My personal favorites are, by far, the simple glazed ones. I learned that they also offer sour cream, M&M’s-topped, and peanut butter pon de rings! Only a few of the reasons why I should head out and buy more of these snacks! 🙂

***Gavino’s Donuts have stores/kiosks along Banawe, Q.C., Il Terrazo and Greenhills Town Center. You may visit their Facebook page here.


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