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[Hong Kong] Tsim Sa Tsui

Posted on: January 29, 2013

Found myself in Hong Kong again last week for another random getaway with the parents! It was really nice being there with Dad there since he did most of the ordering and he acted as our translator (I really have to start practicing my Cantonese again). Our hotel was conveniently located in Tsim Sa Tsui, near the drop-off point of the Airport Express shuttle. Checking-in at the Park Hotel was a breeze and we were given a room even if it was just around 11:30 in the morning. After leaving our stuff in the room, we decided to go around the city and look for a place where we could grab some lunch.

We spotted this little restaurant a couple of blocks away from the hotel and decided to try it out. There was no space left inside so the owners whipped out  a collapsible table and had us seated outside, on the sidewalk. Mom was obviously not too keen about dining outside and was very uncomfortable. It took a bit of time for her to get used to it.

food stall

char siew fanTo help Mom feel a little more at ease, we ordered her all-time favorite Hong Kong meal: BBQ Pork Rice or Char Siew Fan (叉燒飯). She said that the meat was pretty good, and that she also liked how fragrant the rice was.

white chicken riceDad went with a serving of white chicken, topped with a heaping spoonful of minced ginger sauce. He didn’t finish his rice since we forgot to advise the server to omit the sweet soy sauce usually mixed in on these types of dishes.

soupBoth Dad and I ordered a serving of soup for HK$1 per bowl. I don’t really know what type of soup it was, but it tasted like the ones my Apho used to make. There were chunks of pork and some preserved vegetables inside. Initially, I thought it was lotus root soup but Dad said it wasn’t.

siu yuk fanI decided I didn’t want to order the char siew fan just yet and went with a serving of Roasted Pig Rice or Siu Yuk Fan (燒肉飯) instead. Similar to my parents’ meals, mine came with a mountain of white rice and some vegetables. My appetite tends to double when I’m traveling so this wasn’t very hard for me to finish off. Unfortunately, the pork skin wasn’t as crisp as I expected it to be. It was still pretty awesome compared to the ones you get in Manila.


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All of this looks so good!! Great post

Thank you! 🙂

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