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[Hong Kong] PaFe in SOGO Causeway Bay

Posted on: February 2, 2013

My parents and I went to SOGO Department Store in Causeway Bay on our second day to look for a couple of things we were supposed to bring home to Manila. Wandering around SOGO meant that we had a chance to stop by their supermarket area. It’s one of my favorite stops in the Causeway Bay area because of the vast array of stalls selling chocolates, pastries, and all of the other good stuff! The way the goods are packaged are so interesting to look at, that if I had the budget AND the baggage space to fit all the things I liked, then I’d probably end up buying a lot.

Dad also stopped by PaFe, a little place selling milk tea and various Japanese-inspired parfait creations. We all agreed their stuff looked good, so Dad wanted us to give it a shot. He bought a Blueberry Parfait for Mom and I to share. He was most curious about this one so he wanted us to try it out for him.

Pafe_Blueberry ParfaitBlueberry Parfait / 藍莓鮮果芭菲  (HK$38) 

A serving of the blueberry parfait included (from the bottom) blueberry jam, cornflakes, whipped cream, diced mangoes, a huge swirl of vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup, fresh blueberries, kiwi slices and fresh strawberries. (I think there was another type of fruit somewhere in the middle, but I can’t recall what it was.)

It was a good thing that Mom was willing to share this with me despite having a hefty lunch; the parfait was quite big and very, very filling. Halfway through the parfait and I felt like I was going to explode! I really enjoyed the ice cream and the fresh fruits, though.

We ended up leaving SOGO without finding the items we needed, but at least Mom and I were satisfied with our dessert. We definitely wouldn’t mind grabbing one of these again when we’re back in Hong Kong.

*PaFe is located at the Basement 2 Floor of SOGO Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.



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