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Inside the Bakery Fair 2013

Posted on: February 24, 2013

A couple of days before the event, I was thrilled to receive an email from Joy of Virtusio PR International inviting me to attend the FCBAI Bakery Fair this year. I’ve always enjoyed attending this type of exhibit so I didn’t even think twice about accepting the invite. We were already inside the venue a couple of minutes before the official start of the fair, so I was able to snap some shots before the crowd started to build up.

Bakery Fair 2013 inside logo displayThis is the first thing you’ll see once you enter the main entrance of the exhibit area.

Bakery Fair 2013 opening ceremonyInstead of the usual ribbon-cutting ceremony, the officers were asked to hit palayoks (clay pots) with rolling pins to signify the start of this year’s fair.

There were A LOT of booths to visit! My friend, Den, and I enjoyed looking at all of the baking and cooking equipment and accessories. We were able to score some items that would be useful for both of our own businesses. 🙂 Below are some of the booths which I managed to take photos of (there were some exhibitors who didn’t allow photographs to be taken):

McCormick boothI enjoyed speaking with the representatives from McCormick Philippines. I had to ask several questions about some of their products, and their representatives were able to give me solid answers quickly.

Gardenia boothI didn’t get to go inside the Gardenia booth because of the large number of people registering at their area, but I thought that it was a pretty nice looking booth. If my Mom was with me, I’m sure she’d buy a lot of stuff from them. She loves Gardenia!

San Miguel Mills Magnolia boothSan Miguel Mills / Magnolia booth

URC El Real spaghetti booth

Apart from a live cooking demo, Universal Robina Corporation’s Flour Division was also promoting their new product: the El Real Healthy Spaghetti. It was supposed to be pasta made with durum wheat semolina and with malunggay (moringa) and carrot bits mixed it. We were able to try this when their team gave out free samples. The shy ladies (in the photo above) were the ones who prepared the spaghetti with the tuna-tomato sauce. True to the product’s tagline (“Spaghealthy Goodness Without the Veggie Taste!”), it tasted exactly like your regular spaghetti. I’m not really picky when it comes to eating vegetables, but I think that this MIGHT actually do the trick for those who are a bit on the “sensitive” side.

Before I move on with the rest of the photos, I wanted to make sure I don’t forget to tell you about one the exhibitors that I liked the most: Mr. John Canterbury’s Ancestral Building Materials.  Once I saw their display of huge pugons or wood fired ovens, I knew I just had to get close and look at them. We weren’t allowed to take photos of any of their products, and I fully understand why. The details on each of their creations were really something else! They were all very pretty. ♥

I spoke with Mr. Canterbury for a few minutes and learned that their pugons aren’t the only things they make. They also have antique portal and old residential doors & custom made window designs. In addition, they also offer interior design services! If you want to read a little more about what I’m talking about, click here (turn up the volume on your speakers, their background music is very soothing 🙂 ) or here to visit their websites. 🙂

Anyway, on to more of the other photos! 🙂

Mokkilato Gelato displayMokkilato Gelato display

Mokkilato Gelato cappuccinoI’m not a very big fan of ice cream or gelato, but since we were already there, we decided to see if this brand was any good. I went with a scoop of the Cappuccino flavored gelato (Php50.00).

Mokkilato Gelato mint cookiesMy friends decided to go with the Mint Choco. This was way better than the cappuccino. 

Sweet Baum Cafe boothSweet Baum Cafe signage

I didn’t know that there was already a place selling baumkuchen in Manila until I saw this booth at the fair. We were able to sample some of Sweet Baum Cafe’s Baumkuchen, or layered cakes (seen on their flag above). They had an interesting look to them and were not too sweet. My friend bought 2 small ones (for Php65.00 each) to share with her family.

Baumkuchen being slicedHere’s one of their staff members, slicing the log of baumkuchen into smaller ones with the help of a rotating machine.

Sweet Baum Cafe display

Sweet Baum Cafe display

Sweet Baum Cafe_Japanese Cheesecakes

I also decided to buy a box of 5 Japanese cheesecakes to try some of their other products. They had three flavors ready so I made sure to choose how many of the flavors I wanted: two in chocolate, one green tea, and two in plain (which their sales personnel claimed to be their best seller). I thought that they were okay; Dad took a bite and liked them better than I did. A box of these cost me Php215.00. Oh, and thanks for the free pen! 🙂

I spent some time speaking with Sweet Baum’s sales personnel and learned that the group just opened last December. Their first branch is located at the Paseo Center in Makati, while their second one is located inside Eastwood, Libis. They have also been featured in one of the Philippines’ early morning shows, Unang Hirit. If you want to learn more about Sweet Baum Cafe, you can visit their site by clicking here

purchases Since we’re already in the topic of the things that I was able to buy, here’s a look at some of the other purchases I made. I’ve been seeing the Eng Bee Tin Custard Classic Hopia for quite some time and decided to buy some at the fair. I’ve been curious about them for the longest time! I found them to be okay; a little too sweet for my liking though. I still prefer the regular hopia (the typical bean-filled pastry) than this version.

I love the Dice Mongo from Baker’s Fair. It’s also just your regular hopia, except that it’s been shaped into a square to resemble a die, instead of making them in their usual round shape. It’s a favorite of mine since I was very young and it still is up to this very day!

…And since I was able to sample the spaghetti from El Real and liked it, I decided to buy a pack for me and my parents. 🙂

There were still a lot of things that went on during the 2013 Bakery Fair. I’ll be sharing things about the competitions and the cake display on my next post! There’ll be tons of photos on that one too. 🙂


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