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Katsu Cafe: Ma. Clara / Banawe

Posted on: March 23, 2013

It’s been quite a while since I was able to eat out AND have my camera with me. Work has been taking up most of my time and despite having more flexible working hours, I feel like I’m more tired than ever. Don’t get me wrong: I’m happy to have something that keeps me busy. I guess checking out new restaurants would just have to involve a bit more strategic planning than before. 🙂

I did have a chance to sneak in a bit of internet browsing a couple of days ago and learned about Katsu Cafe. I was delighted to learn that a new establishment has opened near our residence. It wasn’t long before I had the chance to try their food when my schedule (miraculously) freed up and The Boyfriend and I were looking for someplace to eat dinner. I was only able to take photos using my phone during that time and, as much as I love my awesome Motorola, the photo quality was just not up to par.  When my family said they wanted to try Katsu Cafe a day after my first visit, I made sure I brought my trusty Nikon with me.

Katsu Cafe_tempura set photo KastuCafe_tempuraset_zpsa0cf4047.jpgDad initially asked for the Seafood Set, but was informed that it was still unavailable. He decided to go with the 3-piece Ebi Tempura Set instead. Dad said it was so-so. The serving size was also too small to satisfy Dad’s appetite.

Katsu Cafe_beef curry photo KatsuCafe_beefcurry_zps71b4f177.jpgMy brother and sister-in-law went with the same dish: a serving of Beef Curry. They thought it was a little too salty, and tasted similar to the store-bought kind.

Katsu Cafe_katsudon photo KastuCafe_katsudon_zps1d36b2ca.jpgMy Mom and I chose Katsudon for our mains. Mom said the sauce was a little too sweet for her so she didn’t enjoy hers so much. Fortunately, the meat was better than the one from the tonkatsu set The Boyfriend had during our first visit.

I loved how the place looked inside. It’s very industrial, no-fuss, uncluttered; Kind of reminded me of being inside a Muji store. The only downside was that their acoustics still needed some improvement, if it’s still possible. During our visit there, just one group of rowdy teenage boys turned the entire place from relaxing to one which we couldn’t wait to leave. You could hear their entire conversation and it was just too noisy. 😦

We also noticed that service was a little slow and it’s mainly because they only had two servers during weekend lunchtime. It was noticeably challenging for the two of them to keep up with the customers. There were times when both of them were nowhere to be seen, and the entire dining area was left unattended. I noticed there were CCTV cameras placed all over the area, but in my opinion, it might still be better to have someone watching over the customers at all times (both for security and for quality of service delivered). 🙂

Overall, the food was just okay for us. Again, the serving size is on the smaller side, so it’s a better fit for those who have smaller appetites. Everyone in our group seemed to prefer the food from another famous tonkatsu place, but I wouldn’t mind heading back if I needed a quick fix. 🙂

**Katsu Cafe is located along Maria Clara Street, near Banawe in Quezon City. You can also visit their branch along Katipunan Avenue.


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