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Lucky Tea: Banawe

Posted on: March 26, 2013

Last night, my Dad wanted us to go out and grab some tea. He wanted to try one specific milk tea store along Banawe which we’ve never been to yet. When we reached the place he had in mind, we were unable to get any parking space and decided to look for another place to visit. There are so many milk tea places in Banawe, it’s almost impossible not to find a place which didn’t have vacant parking spaces.

A minute or two later, we spotted Lucky Tea. I remembered wanting to try this place out months ago, but it always slipped my mind when I think of milk teas. We easily secured a parking slot and entered a store with a bright and relaxing ambiance. The team member who took our orders was really helpful when we asked several questions regarding their drinks and their specialties. A big plus! 🙂

Lucky Tea_symbol photo LuckyTea_symbol_zps8eddaaf8.jpgDad and I loved the entire feel of the place. This Chinese character Fú (), which means “Luck”, was very eye-catching. I found it so nice that I’m thinking of having my Chinese surname made into something like this and then plastering it on one of the walls of my future home. :p 

Another thing we all liked was the fact that Lucky Tea offers sugar-free drinks. This made Dad very happy. 🙂 They use a certain brand of natural sweetener which is okay for diabetics. Other milk tea places usually just recommend that we order a drink with 0% sugar level since they don’t have any other options to offer Dad. Whenever this happens, Dad has to either settle for a bland (or bitter) tea OR personally dissolve a packet of Splenda into his drink once it’s been served. I’ve seen numerous servers hesitate when we request them to mix the sweetener in the drink for us.

Lucky Tea_drinks photo LuckyTea_drinks_zps1cbc0ddd.jpgHere a snapshot of our teas(from left to right): Mom’s Kiwi Fruit Tea with Big Tapioca Pearls, my Almond Milk Tea with Egg Pudding and Dad’s (Iced) Oolong Tea. We all enjoyed our drinks, although Mom said she should have requested for more than 50% sugar level since it was still a little too bitter for her.

Lucky Tea_mojos photo LuckyTea_mojos_zps5f5a3f57.jpgBoth Dad and I are snack junkies, so we couldn’t really pass up on any munchies even though we’ve already had dinner prior to our visit. I first ordered a serving of Chicken Chops and was informed that it was out of stock. We decided to split Dad’s order of Mojo Potatoes (Php70.00) among the three of us instead.

It took several minutes for the potatoes to arrive at our table, but it was definitely worth the wait. It was piping hot and crispy! The three of us all agreed that it was delicious, but was a bit costly because the serving size was very small. Mom and I enjoyed dipping the potato slices in the sweet & spicy sauce served. We liked this simple snack so much that we ordered another serving after we finished off our first basket. 🙂

Lucky Tea is definitely a keeper! I’m looking forward to our return so that we could try the other items on their menu. I noticed that they also serve tea eggs, so that’s going to be one of the things I’ll be checking out soon. 🙂 Really glad we’ve finally found another place where we could hang out during our free time. ♥

**Lucky Tea is located at #749 Banawe Avenue, cor. Sct. Alcaraz Street in Quezon City. Check out their Facebook page or their website for more information. 🙂


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