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Cafe Via Mare: Tomas Morato

Posted on: April 7, 2013

It’s another Sunday and thankfully, my parents and I were able to leave our store early to have lunch outside. We were supposed to dine at one of our favorite Greek restaurants, but couldn’t bear the long queue of cars waiting to get a parking slot. Dad decided we go for some Filipino dishes at Cafe Via Mare along Tomas Morato instead. I haven’t been able to eat there for a looooong time, so I was really excited to check it out again.

Cafe Via Mare_dalandan juice photo CafeViaMare_dalandanjuice_zpsc3479249.jpgMy parents and I ordered a decanter of Dalandan Juice with Splenda(Php310.00). Dad was really happy he could enjoy this cold, fresh fruit juice along with us. It was the perfect drink for the torturous Manila heat we’ve been experiencing these past weeks.

Cafe Via Mare_ensaladang suha photo CafeViaMare_ensaladangsuhaatlabanos_zps90103d74.jpgMom wanted a salad to start our meal. She ordered a serving of Ensaladang Suha at Labanos or Grapefruit and White Radish Salad (Php150.00) for us to share. 

Cafe Via Mare_pancit luglog photo CafeViaMare_pancitluglog_zpsc9bd06dc.jpgDad, on the other hand, wanted to try Cafe Via Mare’s Pancit Luglog (Php195.00). The serving was a bit small for Dad, but he really liked how light and flavorful the sauce was.

Cafe Via Mare_oysters combination photo CafeViaMare_oysterscombination_zpsb0e732a5.jpgDad couldn’t let the chance to order one of his favorite dishes pass this time. This dish, called Oysters Combination (Php430.00), was made up of oyster rockefellers, oysters with wasabi and oysters with Parmesan cheese. Another type, the oysters duxelle (if I remember correctly), was out of stock so it was replaced with more rockefellers (our choice). My favorite one was the one with wasabi. 🙂

Cafe Via Mare_calcag rice photo CafeViaMare_calcagrice_zpsda20ba3a.jpgWe decided to try a serving of Calcag Rice (Php135.00), which was good for 2-3 persons. This was made of sun-dried shrimps, shrimp paste and scrambled eggs. This was very delicious, and was one of our favorites. 🙂

Cafe Via Mare_crispy tapa photo CafeViaMare_tapa_zps22fae189.jpgDad ordered a serving of Crispy Tapa (Php280.00), which arrived at our table really hot. Dad enjoyed munching on this, even without the use of the vinegar.

Cafe Via Mare_bangus asado photo CafeViaMare_bangusbellyasado_zpsec01e026.jpgMom and I ordered a serving of Tiyan ng Bangus Asado (Php285.00) to share. We were surprised with how small the serving was; it was just good enough for one person alone. We asked for the sauce to be separated so that Dad could also give the dish a shot.  Unfortunately, this one was just so-so. It’s pretty plain, and the sweet sauce didn’t really do a lot to elevate the dish.

Cafe Via Mare_shooters photo CafeViaMare_shooters_zpsceb572c7.jpgWe made sure Mom ordered a serving of Cafe Via Mare’s Shooters (Php85.00), a sampler of three famous Filipino desserts. The photo above shows (from left to right) halo-halo, mais con yelo and ginumis. Mom loved these a lot! They all  successfully satisfied her sweet tooth. (Click on the links to learn more about these sweet treats.)

Cafe Via Mare_puto bumbong photo CafeViaMare_putobumbong_zpsf34c1c65.jpgI’ve heard that one of the most famous items from Cafe Via Mare is their version of Puto Bumbong (Php70.00). I added Php15.00 to get the grated cheddar cheese. Puto Bumbong is a type of rice cake which is usually served during Christmas time. Normally, these are served topped with melted butter, brown sugar and grated coconut. The addition of the grated cheddar cheese resulted to a sweet-salty mix, making it extra delicious! 🙂

I’m glad to say that our entire dining experience was pleasant. The service was efficient and everyone in the service team was really nice. Prices are a little steep for such small servings, but it didn’t stop the three of us from having a pretty satisfying lunch. 🙂

**Cafe Via Mare is operated by the Via Mare Group. You can learn more about them by visiting their official website.

**All photos taken with my Motorola Droid Razr.


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