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Pepeton’s Grill

Posted on: April 23, 2013

One of Dad’s friends told us that we should try a restaurant within the Quezon City which was well-known for serving something unusual. Dad was intrigued and decided we drop by Pepeton’s Grill the very next day after they had that conversation. We both know where Pepeton’s Grill was since it was very near where our first restaurant used to be located.  We’ve been passing by the place for years and we never stopped by to visit.

Since it was around noon and the Manila heat was still unbearable, we were ushered into the air conditioned area of the restaurant for our lunch. The place looked like a house that was converted into a restaurant, making it look and feel very laid-back. Another plus? The servers were really nice and attentive to the customers’ needs.

Pepeton's Grill photo Pepetons_zps5e74aa4d.jpg

Pepeton's_Bundok Rice photo Pepetons_BundokRice_zps69733af8.jpgThe first dish to arrive was this half serving of Bundok Rice. It’s garlic rice topped with mango strips and crushed chicharon (or pork rinds). This half serving was already a little too much for us, so I could only just imagine how much more rice there is in a whole serving.

Pepeton's_Steamed Vegetables photo Pepetons_SteamedVegetables_zps5f5f7001.jpgWe couldn’t afford not to have some greens as part of our meal, so we decided to go with something simple and order Steamed Vegetables (Php159.00).  The vegetables were served with two types of bagoong or shrimp paste. 

Pepeton's_Kapalmuks photo Pepetons_Kapalmuks_zps09a678ec.jpgThe restaurant’s specialty is called Kapalmuks, a Filipino slang that literally means “Thick Faced”. It’s basically half a pig’s face, deep fried and served with a sauce made from soy sauce, vinegar, diced onions, chili and maybe a pinch of sugar. A serving cost us Php599.00 and was definitely good for more than 3 persons. This was the “something unusual” my Dad’s friend was telling us about.

Dad and I found the entire concept amusing, especially since you could still see most of the pig’s teeth intact. Mom, being the least adventurous when it comes to food, was a little more hesitant. It took her a while before she ate some of the meat. To be honest, the meat itself lacked flavor but it was nice when dunked into the sauce. Definitely not for everyday consumption though. :p This is best for those who like to munch on something while drinking beer with friends.

Pepeton's_Sabanana photo Pepetons_Sabanana_zps448f633b.jpgWe also didn’t forget to order something sweet to end our meal. We know how much Mom loves Saba or Sweet Plantains, so ordering a serving of Sabanana (Php110.00) was a no-brainer. This dish consisted of fried saba, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with caramel and latik (fried coconut milk solids). Mom was very pleased with this one. 🙂

It was a very interesting lunch for us. We still managed to bring home some of the Kapalmuks since we weren’t able to finish it all off. The next time we find ourselves in this restaurant, we have to make sure we bring more people with us. :p

***Pepeton’s Grill is located at 109 Mother Ignacia Street, South Triangle, Quezon City. It’s right across Puregold Supermarket.


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