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Soi: Glorietta 2

Posted on: May 21, 2013

A few days before The Boyfriend was scheduled to leave for Kuala Lumpur, he wanted to have dinner with his family at Glorietta. It was a toss-up between a Korean restaurant or a Thai one, and in the end, he decided we go with the latter.

Soi Logo photo Soilogo_zpsdd6b7326.jpgSoi’s Glorietta 2 branch still had the “Dry Run” sign posted outside, but regardless if they were really still on dry run or not, my expectations weren’t very high.

Soi_free appetizer photo Soi_freeappetizer_zpsd10ec39a.jpgOur meal started off with a plate of free appetizers consisting of what seemed like prawn crackers and peanuts.

Soi_Thai iced tea photo Soi_ThaiIcedTea_zpsf5d36dbc.jpgThe Boyfriend ordered himself a glass of Thai Iced Tea. He said he didn’t like this one that much.

Soi_fresh spring rolls photo Soi_FreshSpringRolls_zpsd6cb5046.jpgI was the one who specifically requested that we order Fresh Spring Rolls. These were served with two types of dipping sauces: a peanut-based dip and hoisin sauce. I preferred having them with the hoisin sauce.

Soi_shrimp pad thai photo Soi_ShrimpPadThai_zps7309dce7.jpgPad Thai is one of the things The Boyfriend likes in Thai cuisine, so he made sure he ordered a serving of Shrimp Pad Thai. I actually found Soi’s version quite good (and this is coming from someone who’s never been a big fan of pad thai). I liked how mellow the flavors were, nothing too acidic or too sweet. 

Soi_chicken pandan photo Soi_ChickenPandan_zps3e6bff41.jpgOne of the items people usually order in Thai restaurants is the Chicken Pandan. I think this has always been one of the safest food choices in Thai cuisine. I like eating them, but there’s really no wow factor whatsoever. I thought Soi’s Chicken Pandan tasted similar to the other Thai restaurants in the metro, except that they were definitely way smaller in size.

Soi_crabmeat rice photo Soi_CrabmeatRice_zps6c881325.jpgWe ordered two types of fried rice to share among the five of us. The photo above shows the Crabmeat Fried Rice. I didn’t get to take a photo of the other one (Bagoong / Shrimp Paste Fried Rice) since it was placed at the other end of the table. Both were just okay. I still prefer the Bagoong Rice from Muang Thai.

Soi_fish green curry photo Soi_FishinGreenCurry_zps08fcf2e2.jpgSince we already had a chicken dish, The Boyfriend decided to order the Fish Curry. This was just so-so. The sauce was good enough to enjoy with the rice. Personally, I would’ve preferred having more heat to it to amp up the flavor.

Soi_pork satay photo Soi_PorkSatay_zps2c2d18e8.jpgAs if we haven’t ordered enough food, we also decided to go with a serving of Pork Satay. There weren’t really much meat found on each stick and there wasn’t anything special to it.

Service was pretty okay since they’re still supposed to be on dry run. Most of the servers were courteous enough. The food was served pretty quickly, although not as hot as expected. At the end of the meal, I thought that Soi was just an okay place. It’s somewhere I wouldn’t mind eating, but it has not yet successfully converted me into a big fan.

***Soi can be found at the following locations: Robinson’s Place Manila, Glorietta 2 in Makati and Alabang Town Center.


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